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Knightfall's Homebrewed Worlds Index

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:03 pm
by Knightfall
I've come to the realization that I need to keep better track of my various homebrewed worlds. While I'm usually engrossed in creating new maps for Kulan, I have been known to get sidetracked in CC2 Pro and start creating new world maps. This was heightened around 6 to 8 months ago (?) after I downloaded the trial version of ProFantasy's excellent Fractal Terrains Demo.

Oh man! I went nuts! :shock:

Now, I have a lot more worlds, and I've begun the process of deciding what I'm going to do with them. The news of D&D Next has put me in a old school frame of mind; it has also made me wonder what I might created under the banner of D&D 5E. Thus, I felt I needed a place to list my own D&D worlds. And what better place could there be than the Homebrewed Worlds forum of The Piazza. :cool:

Now, the following list isn't written in stone although there are a few with firm foundations. World of Kulan is a 3rd Edition world. That isn't likely to change unless D&D Next is the best thing since sliced bread. Time of Ages is also strongly tied to 3E and a few d20/OGL sourcebooks. It could more easily adapt to another rules set, but I'm not likely to do it. Dark World has flipped from being a 3E world to a True20 world to, now, a Castles & Crusades world. I'm not changing it again. (Knock on wood.) Most of the other worlds I've created are either just musings or one or two maps. They are ideas, not full-blown settings. Some don't even have names yet. :P

Anyway, here it is....

Dungeons and Dragons (BECMI/RC)
● Blackraven, World of | [Old Generic Name: "Great Northern Continent" World]
● Hunter's Planet | Old Generic Name: Large World

These two worlds are only maps so far. Both were created using Fractal Terrains before being exported over to CC2 Pro. The first one is definitely the more interesting of the two based on the map(s). I foresee it as my flagship BECMI world. I've uploaded a special FT map for the world on my wiki: map link.

Dungeons and Dragons (1e)
● Swashtopia | Old Generic Name: "Island Chains" World
● Winter World | Old Generic Name: "Frozen North Sea" World

These two were also done using the FT demo. The first world is the more interesting one, iMO. It's set to become the primary 1e setting in my head. With the announcement of the 1e core rulebook reprints, I am eager to build a world that uses only 1e as its basis. (I now have the the AD&D 1E reprints!!!) EDIT: All I'll have to do is add the Unearthed Arcana reprint, and I'll be golden. :cool:

I've given the "Island Chains" world and new name: Swashtopia. (Arr!!!) It just came to me. :P

Dungeons and Dragons (2e)
Odyssey World
● Oriental World (1E/2E mashup)
● The Second World | Old Generic Name: "Inner Sea" World
● Warped World [link]

Again, the "Inner Sea" setting is FT demo maps. A brand new world. It will be my primary 2e focus. Warped World was once the name of the Time of Ages setting after it spiraled out of control (I created too much, too fast) However, there were some good ideas that I still remember, including a large European-themed, psionics-based, continent. Euaros would be the lynchpin of a revised Warped World. Note that I haven't had a true 2e setting since I converted World of Kulan to 3e. Dark World and the aforementioned Time of Ages began as 2e worlds, as well, but they won't go back. Instead, I want something new built from the core concepts presented in the revised versions of the 2e core books. That's what the "Inner Sea" setting will be. I foresee links to the official D&D 2e worlds that weren't officially updated to 3e. Warped World will be, well, warped. I foresee a setting on acid. :P

HexWorld is something that came about after discovering the online mapping program called Hexographer. :cool:

Dungeons and Dragons (3e)
● Icarus | Old Generic Name: "Many Seas" World
● Sons of Asgard
Time of Ages
World of Kulan

World of Kulan has its own forum here. There is a Time of Ages thread here as well. Sons of Asgard has become a vaporware world. I never do anything with it. The other world is a new FT demo map. I'm not sure if it will remain a 3e world. World of Kulan takes up so much of my 3e energy. I like the map a lot, however. It will see use. Perhaps it will be another world with connections to Kulan (but not Harqual).

EDIT: The Iceshard Campaign Setting is a new Mirrored Cosmology World unrelated to Kulan. It will stand on its own.

Dungeons and Dragons (4e)
● Aernth | Old Generic Name: "Random-2" World
● Crater World

I'm not a fan of 4e. Yet, I do like the 4e Essentials line of products. Thus, I feel I should have at least one default 4e homebrew. Tarras (see below) used to be it; however, I now like it too much to make it a 4e world.

EDIT: I knew I had more random world maps. I'd stored them in my Dragonstar folder. However, I'm going to pull some of the better ones and assign them to various fantasy-based RPGs. Aernth (formerly Random-2) now falls under 4e. The world has one long continent that snakes across the entire planet. It's very interesting. It makes my mind churn.

Dungeons and Dragons Next (5e)
● Crater World
● The Next World | Old Generic Name: "New Map" World

So, the announcement of the next iteration of Dungeons and Dragons has me excited. I'm hopeful for a game system that I can use. And if it is really good, I might move Kulan here. Emphasis on might! Regardless, I'll need a homebrewed world to challenge my thought process when the open beta begins. Tarras has the lead in that regard. As noted above, it started out 4e and then I made it systemless. It still is until I find out what D&D Next is going to look like.

The other world (now The Next World) was a throw-in map. I don't have any plans for it as of yet, but it needed to go somewhere and 3e didn't need another world. :roll:

EDIT: Crater World moved here from the D&D 4E section.

Castles & Crusades
Dark World
● Herofall

Dark Word is to Castles & Crusades what World of Kulan is to 3e. The two settings are permanently linked. Dark World is Kulan's evil twin and they have a love-hate relationship. Its strongest link is with the Lands of Harqual. The Transformation duplicated a Maran kingdom on Harqual, but the worlds have been linked longer than that. There are gateways to Dark World on Kulan. Open portals in hidden places. When the drow invasion took place in Kulan's Underearth, it is believed that the invaders came from Dark World. Could it happen again? I'm not telling. :mrgreen:

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a second campaign world for Castles & Crusades. I don't really have another world map to associate with C&C. Then it came to me. Why not create a demiplane setting? Quickly, the name Herofall came to mind; I had thought of calling it Knightfall but that felt egotistical. I'm foreseeing a massive city setting surrounded by dangerous wilderness. Underneath the city is a complicated series of massive dungeon complexes. While I'm not sure what will be in those depths, the city gained its name through the deadliness of the numerous dungeon levels* below.
*I'm thinking that there will be 100+ known levels. :twisted:

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
● Lost Shores | Old Generic Name: "Random-1" World
● Risen Lands | Old Name: Tarsis

When Pathfinder was first announced, I was very excited. (Woohoo!) It would be the game that I had hoped 4e would be. Unfortunately, I haven't warmed up to it like I thought I would. Yes, it was familiar and I could likely sit and play in a Pathfinder game without any coaching. And the books for it are NICE! However, it just doesn't seem to grab me. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it feels too tied to Golarion, which is okay (IMO) but my not cup of tea. Regardless, I do have a default PFRPG homebrewed world — Tarsis. However, I've done less with it than I've done with Tarras. (I really need to rename it so that I stop mixing the two names up.) Tarsis is just a map at this point; it's one of my nicer maps, however. I have no idea what "Random-1" will be. It was not created using FT. It's not even a full world map*; it's part of a continent and there is nothing else for it.
* But, then again, neither is the Tarsis map. Hmm, perhaps they are part of the same world. :idea:

EDIT: I've come up with a new name for the "Tarsis" map — Risen Lands.

Monte Cook's Variant Player's Handbooks
● Sio (Iron Heroes) | Old Generic Name: "Random-3" World
● World of Renad (Arcana Evolved) | Old Generic Name: "Random-4" World

Sio is another alternate Material Plane with links to World of Kulan. (The race known as the Kha are originally from Sio — a magicless world.) It was going to be a systemless, background world with much development. But now I kind of want to see if Iron Heroes could work for the world.

The map once called "Random-4" was to be a Legend/RuneQuest II setting, but now I'm not going to go in that direction. (I'm just not that interested in investing time in another set of rules right now.) Since I don't have an Arcana Unearthed setting yet, I'm thinking this fresh, new world might be what I need to jumpstart my AU interest. (The setting now has a name, Renad.) EDIT: I forgot to update this after acquiring a copy of Arcana Evolved, which is now the core book for this world. :)

Almagra: World of Worlds
AlterEarth (Alternity/d20 Modern)
Arcanum of the Stars (Dragonstar)
Athas East (Dark Sun spinoff)
● Bottleneck (systemless)
● "Good Continents" [Generic Name]
Guardian Chronicles
● Heroworld (A superhero setting for both FATE Core and Mutants & Masterminds 2E/3E)
Project: Phoenix (on Facebook)
● The Savage Realms (Savage Worlds)
● A new Alternity setting :idea:

:arrow: Almagra is my multi-ruleset campaign world. It's a superworld (circumference of 500,000 miles) and it sits in the center of a new Crystal Sphere called Almagraspace. The sphere/system has several moon-planets and two suns.

:arrow: AlterEarth was going to be my d20 Modern world, but with high magic and the D&D races. Think like Shadowrun but with more magic and less tech. Could I go back to Alternity? This is one campaign concept that just might need to be dropped as a utter failure. I'd probably just create a campaign set in Urban Arcana. It is similar enough.

:arrow: Arcanum of the Stars is my homebrewed campaign sector set in the Dragonstar universe. This is the setting that my Realmsian Dragonstar story hour is set in, which I posted on EN World some time ago. I'm trying to remember if I posted it here on The Piazza. I don't think so.

:arrow: Athas East is a homebrewed campaign region set on the other side of Athas (was to be for 3e, but I think I want to leave it open for 2e, 3e, or 4e). I haven't looked at this one in a while.

:arrow: Bottleneck is a systemless demiplane setting that connects all my fantasy settings. (It could go 5e.)This is one setting that WILL remain systemless. As a gateway to a multiverse of possibilities, I don't want Bottleneck to become influenced by any set of rules.

:arrow: "Good Continents": Still to be decided.

:arrow: Both Guardian Chronicles and Project Phoenix were supposed to be for Mutants and Masterminds 2e; however, I'm not sure if M&M 2E is something that I'm really that interested in anymore. (Savage Worlds might be a better idea for Project: Phoenix. Less complex. :arrow: Leaning towards this or another system.)

:arrow: Heroworld is something I've been going over in my head for some time. The original idea I had was to make a 'What If" setting that combined the DC Comics and Marvel universes into one big mashup. I quickly decided that doing such a setting would be too hard on my brain, so I started considering bringing in only those heroes and villains from those two universes that have died. It still felt a bit unwieldy, so I started looking into using characters from other sources. This led me to the Public Domain Super Heroes wiki, which is a goldmine of old characters that I can use that aren't connected 'directly' to either DC Comics or Marvel. It also introduced me to the idea of open-source characters such as Jenny Everywhere. (This led directly to me getting distracted by the creation of something I call Dimension of Centras, which isn't meant to be a roleplaying setting, although someone else could use it for that or for the creation of their own comic book.) The whole concept of Heroworld is that the heroes and villains that make up the world were brought to Heroworld after they died. I came up with this idea after watching the 2010 Riverworld minseries created by Syfy (based on Philip José Farmer's Riverworld novels). While I haven't built the setting setting, I have re-created several PDSH characters for use with Heroworld (see here). There are a few characters up there that were created by me, as well. Alien American, Black Hood, Helix, and Pat Patriot will likely be a few f the core NPCs. There are only two villains noted there, so far -- Goldfoil and Purple People Eater. :D

:arrow: Random-3 is primed to become a Savage Worlds setting. I just realized that the "Random-3" map is the one I want to use for Sio (see above in the Monte Cook's Variant Player's Handbooks section). Thus, I now have another named setting without a map. The Savage Realms will be a brand new setting. Hmm, I now have this idea of crossing Conan with the Forgotten Realms. :geek:

:arrow: A new Alternity setting :idea: I'm still a fan of Alternity. I had hoped that d20 Modern would replace it as my favorite modern/future RPG but that just hasn't happened. Sure, d20 Modern has a lot of great material, but I'm not fond of its generic class system. Alternity just feels like the right modern/future RPG for me, and it is where the Guardian Chronicles got its start (called First Defense back then). So, what do I do with it now? I could try to convert a d20 Modern campaign like Urban Arcana to Alternity, but I don't feel like doing that much work. Besides, I'd rather create something of my own. A brand new campaign seems like the way to go. I'm not sure what it will be, but it will be futuristic. However, it won't be based on Star*Drive or Dark*Matter or the Alternity version of Gamma World. I'm going to think about it and get back to you all later.

Note: I reserve the right to change anything listed under Otherworlds.

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:40 pm
by Knightfall

This world will be a little out there. It will be more primal in nature. The core classes will likely exist, but I might tweak them a bit or come up with some alternate class abilities. Hmm, how to create BECMI class templates that modify a class without unraveling it? Regardless, the world will be a much different monster than Blackraven. Perhaps monstrous creatures greatly outnumber the civilized races. I'm not thinking PoL. I'm thinking more like the 3e Savage Species sourcebook, but more vicious. At the very least, I will be using my copy of Top Ballista for Hunter's Planet. And if I can find a good copy, Night Howlers.

And the campaign setting's name makes me think Barsoom. Plus, this world is huge. I created it with FT and made it a lot larger than Earth-sized (more like Jovian-sized). Hmm, I foresee a lot of giants, dragons, and other massive monsters.

I foresee one primary Immortal of legend: The Hunter. If there are any other "immortal" type characters, they aren't quite there yet. Or one or two have made the transition, but they are unknown to the world.


This is going to be my classic BECMI world. It will use all the material from the Rules Cyclopedia. And while I don't have the accompanying Creature Catalog, yet, that reference will be "core" for the world as well. The world will be fairly typical "western fantasy" with the southern lands being more "out there." Kingdoms of powerful fighters in chain and plate. Sneaky thieves stealing through the night. Powerful magic-users in their hidden towers. Clerics and druids vying for dominance of the ideas of faith. Elves, dwarves, and halflings in their own lands. Mystics from the strange southern lands.

There is a lot of empty water, which could mean that sea monsters are plentiful. It also means I'll be able to use my copy of the Sea People with the world. :D Hmm, massive sea kingdoms at odds with each other. An Immortals War in the dark depths of the world's ocean trenches. Lots of ideas.

I'm not sure if I'm going to link it to Mystara or use the known Immortals for the setting. I'm more likely to create unique Immortals for the setting. I'm going to try to make the setting as unique as possible; I don't foresee converting tons of d20/OGL material for use with this world, but I think some of the core D&D v.3.5 books will influence it. (Hmm, the core PHB v.3.5 gods as BECMI Immortals. :idea: )


Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:16 am
by Knightfall
1st Edition D&D Worlds

I foresee this world as my primary 1e setting. Since it a world of islands, it will be more of a nautical setting than your standard western fantasy setting. All the races from the 1e Player's Handbook will have a place on the world. (I'm not 100% sure of the additional UA races, yet.) As well, all the standard classes from the PHB as well as the additional classes from 1e Unearthed Arcana are available for this world. However, I'm not sure how useful a cavalier or paladin character would be for this setting. It's not like you can ride your horse across the deck of a ship. :P

More likely, assassins, fighters, thieves, and thief-acrobats will dominate the world. Of course, every ship will need its spellcaster whether he or she is a cleric, druid, or magic-user. Bards and illusionists tend to stick to the halls of the various Sea Kings. Barbarians, monks, and rangers do have a place in the world. Of the three, rangers are the least rare while monks the rarest.

Hmm, I wonder if there are any pirate/swashbuckler-type classes for 1e in older DRAGON Magazines. Sure, that role can easily be handled by fighters and thieves, but it would be nice to have a dedicated "piratical" subclass for this setting. :idea:

Also, beyond the standard core races, I'm likely to add additional 1e races from any "old school" source I can find. Do any of the older DRAGON Magazines have "new" 1e races I could use with this world?


Now that this world has a better name, it has more potential, IMO. The world is going to be developed from north to south. I foresee a lot of barbaric traditions and druidism will have a stronger influence than traditional clerical magic. Magic-users will be feared and, in some places, hunted. In fact, I see Winter World as more of a low-magic world. Druids will have their full spell allotment, but I foresee restrictions for clerics, magic-users, and illusionists.

There will be more civilized lands to the south, which means there will be a place for cavaliers, paladins, and other honorable archetypes. There a noticeable west to east divide; the eastern part of the world will use the 1e Oriental Adventures races and classes. :)

I should also point out that this world, like Hunter's Planet, is larger than normal. I don't believe it is quite as large as that BECMI world*, but it is definitely closer to "Jovian" in size. (You might have also noticed that I like maps will huge landlocked seas.)
*I was wrong; the two worlds are the same size. Hmm, I probably created them at the same time and forgot.


Re: Knightfall's Homebrewed Worlds Index

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:19 am
by Angel Tarragon
Knightfall, those maps are huge and are stretching the forums. Would it be possible to shrink 'em a bit, or just provide links to an art hosting account?

Re: Knightfall's Homebrewed Worlds Index

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:43 am
by Knightfall
Twin Agate Dragons wrote:Knightfall, those maps are huge and are stretching the forums. Would it be possible to shrink 'em a bit, or just provide links to an art hosting account?
Really. What is your monitor's resolution set at? Mine is set at 1680 by 1050, so they are already small for me. I could simply link to my wiki page, but I kind of like having the visual representation. :|

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Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:24 am
by Angel Tarragon
Knightfall wrote:Really. What is your monitor's resolution set at?
1920 x 1080

Re: Knightfall's Homebrewed Worlds Index

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:29 am
by Knightfall
Twin Agate Dragons wrote:
Knightfall wrote:Really. What is your monitor's resolution set at?
1920 x 1080
Wow. That's totally bizarre. TAD, is it just the longer maps or all of them?

Is anyone else having the same issue?
:?: :?: :?:

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:35 am
by Knightfall
2nd Edition D&D Worlds
Neither HexWorld nor Odyssey World will be included as part of this thread.

The primary civilizations of this world are gathered around the huge central sea. And while the other sea is larger, its surrounding shorelines are wild and relatively unexplored. The Inner Sea's human civilizations will be at odds with each other and will be primarily at the Bronze Age of development.

Halflings and orcs will live alongside humanity, for the most part. The elves, dwarves, and gnomes have their own, older, kingdoms in the deep forests, expansive mountain ranges, and deep valleys in the more trackless parts of the world. The elves will mainly use wooden and bronze armor and weaponry with some additional silver items while the dwarves will use stone and bronze armor and weaponry with some additional iron items. The gnomes prefer to use wood and stone; they have a more primitive way of life.

True steel on this world is a rarity.

There are goblinoids, kobolds, and lizardfolk* as well, and in fact, any creature described in the 2e Monstrous Manual has a place on this world. It should be noted, however, that the demihuman subraces are very rare on this world. Also, half-elves are uncommon and half-orcs are rare. There is less animosity towards half-elves and half-orcs, which has to do with the history of the planet.

The legends of the world state that there was a First World that gave birth to this Second World. The First World was a place of advanced mechanisms and powerful arcana. It destroyed itself eons ago. The world nearly died. Its races were thrown back to a Stone Age-like state. Nature took back the planet and all the civilizations of the First World were washed away by rising flood waters, buried by earthquakes and landslides, or overgrown by the greenery that now covers most of the world.

The races, initially, were forced to band together to survive. As time marched on, the world's various peoples either went their separate ways or remained closely united. Regardless, each race passed down its stories of cooperation and respect for the other races of the world. And while some of these tales have been lost to the eons, the stories of the dwarves, elves, and gnomes have survived pretty much intact to this day. The written stories of the humans, halflings, and orcs have become a mixture of their original racial tales.

All of the core classes from the 2e PHB are available for this world. Character kits are also considered core for this setting; however, the kits from the Complete books must be judged on a case by case basis. The historical books, once I reacquire them**, will be vital to this world's development. Psionics is not a part of this world. Tome of Magic is also a core book for this world.
* I'm going to use the 3e monster "folk" names. They sound better to me.
** I do have Age of Heroes.


As noted in my first post, "Warped World" was once the name of the world that was re-envisioned as Time of Ages. This new Warped World will be a different monster. It will be a flat world. Its main continent will be located at the center of the world. The world's edge will not fall off into nothingness. That type of world has been overdone, IMO. Instead, the world's edge may simply lead to the outer planes. I haven't decided yet.

Warped World will use psionics (unlike The Second World); it will also be highly magical and very bizarre. I'm thinking that I will use many of the rules from the Player's Options books. Regardless, I foresee a world with dozens of playable PC races and an wide choice of classes and character kits. Standard is not a word I am going to associate with its design.

Strange mechanical devices will be the norm on Warped World, as will anything else that breaks the mold of D&D. Weird is not abnormal on this world. As one travels away from the core, the world becomes more planar. Outsiders and elementals become more common. Standard humanoids become a rarity.

A conversation between a planewalker and a native:
How many kingdoms are there on this world? Many, too many. How big is the world? I don't know; it goes on forever. Are there spelljamming ports here? Yes. Are there gods? Yes. Are they mysterious? That depends on the god. Does Elminster live on this world? I've heard that name, but I've never met the person. Are there drow on this world? Yes. Do they live underground? No. They live in the sky. What universe does this world exist in? All of them, I think. What the hell does that mean? I don't know. You sure do ask a lot of questions. What kind of mount is that? I call it a dino-horse. I'm not sure if that's what it's truly called. What are you? I'm one of the forged; I'm a living construct. What's your name? Cabral. Can you show me around this city, Cabral? Sure. I hope you have some coin. Life in Crowfall isn't cheap.


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Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:10 am
by Angel Tarragon
Found the problem and fixed it. I forgot that I had my browser at 207% zoom.

Re: Knightfall's Homebrewed Worlds Index

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:11 am
by Knightfall
Twin Agate Dragons wrote:Found the problem and fixed it. I forgot that I had my browser at 207% zoom.
Ah, that would explain it.

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:43 pm
by Knightfall
3rd Edition D&D Worlds
Neither Time of Age nor World of Kulan will be included here. Iceshard is not included here either.

When this map came into focus in Fractal Terrains, I knew immediately that I wanted to use it as a D&D world. The number of large seas made me giddy. Plus, the varied coastlines gives the world a unique feel, IMO. I'm not sure what will become of this new 3e world, but I can tell you it won't be as inclusive as Kulan. It won't be an "everything but the kitchen sink" setting. Its gods will be completely unique and there will be only one primary pantheon for the entire world. I'll likely place it outside of my Mirrored Cosmology.

The core races and classes from the 3e PHB will define the world. All of the prestige classes from the 3e DMG, except the Red Wizard PrC, will be available for the world. All of the 3e MM creatures exist in the world. Beyond those books, I have yet to decide what will be a part of the world and what won't. What I'm sure of is that the world will not borrow from any of the official D&D worlds or any d20/OGL books. and, this setting will be completely D&D v.3.5; it will not allow for converted v.3.0 material.

The world still needs a name and a hook. The world now has a name, which might lead to a Greek-themed hook. But, I'm not sure yet. The name Icarus also brings to mind 'flight' and 'death'. I'll have to think about this more.


Ragnarök has happened. That was my initial premise for the world I call Aragard. Before the end, the world was Midgard. Now, in the aftermath, the world goes on. It has changed significantly and the Norse Gods are not once what they were. Of the main Norse Gods known in the D&D multiverse, only nine remain: Aegir, Balder, Hel, Hod, Magni, Modi, Rán, Vidar, and Wotan, once Odin. There are other Asgardians, however. They are the few descendents that survived Ragnarök. Anvayha, Bragga, Dødi, Eldar, Heim, Thrunor, Viltar, and the Nine Daughters.

It's important to note that the Norse aren't the only gods of Aragard. The gods of the Celts and the Finns have a strong connection with the people of the world. Yggdrasil is worshiped as a deity. And the gods of the giants still have their faithful on the world. This is not just a Norse world.

The standard classes for this world includes the following: barbarian, cleric, druid, fighter, ranger, sorcerer, and the variant skald-bard from 3e Unearthed Arcana. All other classes either don't exist at all or are very rare.

Besides humans, their are several D&D races available for PCs: dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, and orcs. And, several D&D creatures, including dragons, giants, and treants, have a significant presence on Aragard. However, these races and creatures will be reflavored to fit a more Earth-like fantasy setting.

Other important creatures include fensirs, grendels, and valkyries. There are also powerful unique creatures on the world including the various animal lords and Loki the Fallen. No longer a god, Loki exists on Aragard as powerful, yet mad native outsider.

Note that this world exists in the same cosmology as World of Kulan and Dark World.


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Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2012 3:04 am
by Knightfall
My 4e settings are next. Then we get to the good stuff: :arrow: The two worlds I want to use for D&D Next. :cool:

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:50 am
by Knightfall
4th Edition D&D World

Aernth will be my only D&D 4E world. (I've moved Crater World to the 5E section.) I don't really have a hook for this world yet, although seafaring will likely be a big deal. As a 4E setting, I'm unsure how much the world will be developed. Regardless, it will remain in this section.

The world will only be influenced by the Essentials line for 4th Edition since I've dumped most of my 4E books. If a race or class exists in one of the digest-sized sourcebooks, it has a place on this world. For right now, I'm keeping my copy of Player's Option: Heroes of Shadow, and I might get Into the Unknown: The Dungeon Survival Handbook to go along with the world. But only if I can find it in a used bookstore for nearly nothing.

When it comes to 4E, I'm more interested in the official Nentir Vale setting than anything I've come up with for it. :geek:


Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:37 am
by Knightfall
D&D 5E

CRATER WORLD (Working Name)
It is one of my favorites of the FT maps I exported into CC2 Pro, so I don't want to orphan it. I want it to become an interesting world that I can share online, at the very least. I'm not sure if it would ever be used as a game world, but you never know what the future holds.

The world's current nickname was due to how it was created in Fractal Terrains. The program has a Planetary Bombardment tool, which places a number of craters randomly over the surface of the world. With this world, I didn't do it just once; I bombarded the planet several times then aged the world then bombarded it again. I forget how many times I did this.

The CC2 Pro map, below, doesn't really show you the end result since some of the effect is lost during export. Thus, I've uploaded what's known in FT as a Gaia map on my wiki, so that you all can get a feel for how the world truly looks. [Link (to be re-added)]

Crater World Map

This world's design will follow as close to the official version of D&D Next as possible. At least, that is my hope. The game is still beyond reach, but what I suspect comes from reading the official Legends & Lore column on WotC's web site, as well as the EN World transcripts of the seminars from DDXP.

The game is being designed with the idea of uniting the OSR with the fans of 3e and 4e. The game will be modular, and there will be an open play-test. And the designers want to include all of the classes from every edition's first PHB. That last bit is very telling regarding what The Next World will be.

The world will be about being inclusive rather than exclusive. Thus, if the Warlock and Warlord classes from 4e make into the core of D&D Next, the two classes will have a place on the world. And I think it is safe to assume that classes such as Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard are a given.

3e class design is my favorite version; however, I'm very open to whatever the design team comes up with. They have already made me happy by stating that "roles" and "power sources" will not be the defining concepts of 5e. If they keep the idea of themes, I'll be happy since that is one of the best aspects of 4e, IMO.

Regardless, it is too early for me to truly define what The Next World will be. But, I think I'm going to like it.


Tarras was originally meant to be a 4e world. A lot of its design and story is based off of the race and class structure of 4e. However, before D&D Next was announced, I had decided to make Tarras a system-less world. Once 5e comes out, this world will be to D&D Next what World of Kulan is to D&D v.3.5.

In many ways, it is already an amalgam of several editions. The races I've allocated to it are a mixture of 3rd edition and 4th edition races. I've defined classes in the same way although it isn't limited to the two latest editions. I have included the idea of several 2e classes as well as the assassin, a classic 1e class. I decided to use the class name psionicist instead of psion. I even went so far as to classify my races and classes as Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare.

The gods are defined between good, neutral, and evil. And I've selected gods from 2e, 3e, and even some from 4e (although that might change).

It was like I was reading the design team member's minds (somewhat). Weird.

Regardless, the world, so far, centers around a powerful city-state called Tantus, which is known as the Heart of Civilization. It is believed that the city's destiny is the world's destiny. This is troubling since Tantus is infected with a great evil that is threatening to pull it into the Nine Hells. Heroes come from all over Tarras to try to purge the growing darkness from the city's soul.

Destiny rules this setting, which is another nod towards 4e. 4e just wasn't the system I felt the world needed. Perhaps D&D Next will be what the world needs to become a "living" setting for me. Regardless, I will be less inclined to include every aspect of 5e as part of Tarras. It will be much more exclusive than inclusive.

Map of Tarras

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Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:31 am
by Knightfall
Added the new map for Warped World. It is a first draft and subject to change.

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:11 am
by Knightfall
Castles & Crusades Worlds

On the World of Maran, whether it's drow in the dark forests, orc raiders from beyond the Sea of Terror, the Vashar of the Wretched Plateau, or the vile Jerren halflings hunting humanoids for sport across wild plains and harsh deserts, evil is everywhere. Evil wizards & sorcerers fight for control of dark, magical cities, scattered across the entire planet, from the western lands known as the Fetid Territory to the dark, eastern lands of the Black Empire of Kiltann. Orders of vicious holy warriors fight against each other for the right to spread evil across the lands of the Low Shores and beyond.

Truly “good” characters are the exception rather than the rule on Maran. Those good folk that have managed to find solace are often backed up by angels and other celestials, who have gone native in order to better protect the remaining lands of good. The region around the Great Interior Sea is one of these bastions of righteousness with dozens of human, elven, gnome, and halfling communities—protected by heroes of the Celestial Paragons. South of the Low Shores is a strange region (dominated by the lands of the Hyberiae Peninsula) that is home to dozens of opposing forces, whether they are good or evil. Warlocks, angels, merchants, vile dwarves, demihumans, celestials, and devils rule numerous cities, where dark heroes struggle to keep their independence.

Neither evil not good dominates, although evil is very much ahead. Demons and devils are everywhere and fight with each other and against the world’s natives. They rule swaths of land, with tiefling servitors, and worse, at their disposal. Some of the most powerful cities are ruled by Archdevils, paragon aberrations, or powerful, unique undead. Demons are more numerous then devils, however, which has meant that many devils have had to form alliances with powerful sorcerers, vile warlords, and in some cases, even the lawfully-aligned celestials.

All this makes Dark World a dangerous, strange, twisted place to try to live in, especially if you're a mere mortal trying to hang on to your soul.


Herofall is an infamous demiplane known for the massive dungeons that exist under the metropolis that shares the plane's name. Before there was a city here, the dungeon complexes existed in relative isolation. No one knows for sure who built the dungeons or if the complex series of caves, catacombs, delves, and underhalls even had a creator. Most believe they did, but there is little proof. No being, mortal or otherwise, has been able to prove that they created the Dungeons of Herofall.

The city that came into existance around the massive cave opening that leads into the hidden depths of the demiplane has sprawled out in all directions. In may ways, it is as complicated as the dungeon complexes below. The city doesn't have one single ruler that can claim to control the city's 750,000+ population. It is doubtful that anyone could. Instead, the city's elite control their own fiefdoms; they work with each other or against each other as the situation demands.

Most of the city's "rulers" are power-hungry, mad, or both. They work towards controlling the center of Herofall where the entrance to the dungeons below is located. No one has had firm control of the gateway into the plane's hidden heart. They have all tried and failed. The other members of the elite have always come together to stop any who tries to take command of the plane's true source of power.

One would think it would be safer to live outside the continuous sprawls of Herofall; however, the lands outside the city are also highly contested and filled with dangers unknown to the mortal world. It is a wilderness of massive beasts and deadly monsters. Darkness reigns over the plane for more than two-third's of the day, and since one day on the plane lasts 36 hours, its nights are frightening to those without the ability to protect themselves.

Yet, there are those that choose the wilderness simply because the city is just as deadly at night. Safety is best achieved through staying together at night and, if possible, staying locked inside. For when something goes bump in the long night, you should hide your loved ones away and pray it preys on someone else.

[No Map]

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:55 am
by Knightfall
Pathfinder RPG Worlds

The Lost Shores will be an isolated campaign setting. Travel beyond the massive mountain range will be next to impossible for the peoples of this northern land. The region is cold in the extreme, and when winter comes to the land, the region's city-states and few kingdoms become isolated from each other. Winter lasts a minimum of 8 months in the Lost Shores. Bays and rivers freeze over and harbors become tombs for boats left in the water. True sailing ships are a rarity amongst the peoples of the Lost Shores.

All of the races and classes from the PFRPG core rulebook are available for this campaign setting. Of the classes listed in the Advanced Player's Guide, the Oracle an the Witch are standard choices for the Lost Shores. The other classes from that book are less of a fit for my vision of the setting. I do not have either Ultimate Magic or Ultimate Combat, and I'm not in a rush to get them. However, I'm eagerly awaiting the Advanced Race Guide, which I foresee as a must for the Lost Shores.


I finally came up with a new campaign name for this continental map. The name has a lot to do with the various mountain ranges that tracts across the continent. As well, surrounding the mountain ranges are expansive hills that cover most of the land. It is only where the land meets the sea that the highlands decend into lonely plains, yet in many places, the hills end in massive cliffs that look out over the rough seas surrounding the Risen Lands.

The name also refers to the history of the continent and how it was formed. I look at it as sort of a reverse Atlantis. Once, in ages past, a great aquatic civilization existed where the continent is now. An upheaval caused the sea floor to rise to the surface, which destroyed the bulk of the underwater kingdom. The landbound races eventually migrated to the new landmass and built new civilizations over the ruins of the Coral Kingdom.

The descendants of the underwater kingdom still exist in the waters surrounding the Risen Lands; however, these races have descended into barbarism. They are considered a scourge by the human kingdoms of the continent. The aquatic races raid the coastal communities on a regular basis; they drag their victims back into the waters to drown. The savage water-peoples also hunt for the lost treasures of the Coral Kingdom.

This continental setting will be much more inclusive than the Lost Shores. Every official Pathfinder class will have a place in this setting as will all the races from the core rulebook. The playable PC races from the first two Pathfinder Bestiaries aren't as standard for the Risen Lands; however, nothing is written in coral.

It is possible that the Risen Lands will be on the same world as the Lost Shores, but I haven't decided anything yet. If they do become part of one world, there will likely be another landmass that separates them.


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Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:35 pm
by Knightfall
I'm just posting a note here to let you all know that I've created a new group on Facebook dedicated specifically to my AD&D 2nd Edition worlds.

Knightfall's AD&D 2E Worlds

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by Knightfall
Two new links:

Knightfall's Otherworlds: Another Facebook group dedicated to my various homebrewed fantasy world concepts. The material on this group will likely be less defined than in my other FB groups. If something grabs a hold of my creativity, it will likely get its own thread here in the Homebrew Worlds forum. Case in point...

World of Worlds: This super world is an amalgam of campaign rulesets in that each campaign region follows its own version of D&D (BECMI, 1E or 2E, v.3.5/d20, 4E, or 5E) or another RPG system. The world's name in Almagra.

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by Knightfall
Califriaspace: A new crystal sphere for a map I posted on one of my Facebook groups.

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by Knightfall
I finally have a name for my second AD&D 1E world: the world that used to be called "Island Chains" World is now called Swashtopia.

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by Knightfall
Added Iceshard to the D&D v.3.5 list.

Arcana Unearthed and Iron Heroes Worlds

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:43 am
by Knightfall
Monte Cook's Variant Player's Handbooks

SIO (Iron Heroes)
I haven't created much for Sio beyond it being the home world of of an avian race that I call the Kha. A Kha city on stilts was transported to the Lands of Harqual on Kulan during the Transformation. It was a major event on Sio since magic doesn't exist on the planet. It rattled the Kha that remain on Sio and the news of the city's unexplained disappearance has spread. What's really troubling is that the magicks that ripped away the city has damaged the fabric of Sio's reality. Did the Transformation infect Sio with the seeds of magick? :twisted:

Sio is a world of deadly dangers with only tooth, claw, and steel for protection. I had originally intended for the world to be inhabited only by the Kha, but I don't think that's feasible. There won't be any humans or demihumans on the world, however. Once I actually get hold of a copy of Iron Heroes, I will be better able to know what the world's racial options will be. I do have the bestiary for Iron Heroes, so I have an idea of what monsters exist on the planet. If I can't find a copy of Iron Heroes soon, I might pick a second ruleset to go with the world, but it won't be straight up D&D. Alternity, maybe. :?:


WORLD OF RENAD (Arcana Evolved)
The World of Renad will be its own setting separate from any of my other hombrewed worlds. And it won't have any connection to the official Diamond Throne setting. The core races will be the AU races, and I want to use, at least, all the core D&D v.3.5 races in the world, but the races should be used in conjunction with the Racial Paragon Classes from D&D Unearthed Arcana (modified for AE). If I include monstrous races, characters will have to be based on the Monster Classes from D&D Savage Species.

EDIT: I finally have a copy of the updated Arcana Evolved core book, so Renad now will be for AE. Before the world can proceed, however, I'm going to have to evolve the core races for D&D v.3.5 or search online for AE fans who might have done the work already or who might have suggestions.


Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:58 am
by Knightfall
I've created a blog for Almagra: World of Worlds and my own Otherworlds (as per my Facebook group). This isn't related to the idea I posted about an Otherworlds e-zine, although it could go in that direction if people are interested in contributing their own ideas for the blog.

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by Knightfall
Added a post about The Second World to the "Otherworlds" blog: https://almagraandotherworlds.wordpress ... d-world-2/

It's my plan to re-post all the descriptions and maps for my homebrewed worlds on to the blog. I've lost the map link on this thread after I deleted my "Walk the Road" wiki. It will take some time, however.