Binders, Vestiges, and Eberron

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Binders, Vestiges, and Eberron

Postby enderxenocide0 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:06 pm

Back when my game was 3.5, a player of mine was a Binder who bound vestiges to himself. For those that are unaware, vestiges were described as the remnants of other entities, shadows of their former selves that exist in a void beyond reality. They are not strictly-speaking dead, but neither are they alive. They may have been gods in the past or simply powerful creatures. But now they can only experience the world through Binders and they give these Binders some of their power, their essence, in exchange for these experiences. When we moved to 5E, I created a Warlock variant to model the mechanical aspects of the 3.5 Binder, though we later changed his class to a Mystic-based Rogue subclass of my own design. The fluff remained the same, though: the player is channeling the minds and souls of these vestiges that exist in the Void. We hadn't fleshed out his backstory much, but we're in the process of doing so now, so I've started to think about how best to fit Binders and Vestiges into Eberron. What is the Void? Here's an idea I had.

The Progenitor Wyrms each have a role in the creation myth: Siberys was the creator, Khyber was the destroyer, and Eberron was the preserver. The Ring of Siberys is, mythologically, the remnants of the body of Siberys left orbiting Eberron. What if Eberron managed to preserve Siberys in another way? Perhaps the Void is the primordial non-existence from which Siberys was crafting reality. Eberron, seeing Siberys being destroyed, caught the last essence of Siberys in the Void and, in doing so, opened up the possibility for other entities to remain behind in some fashion in the Void. Any vestige then has a connection to Eberron, however thin of a connection it may be. It even opens up the possibility of a Siberys vestige...

EDIT: Yes, I realize the Progenitors are more nuanced than that, but I feel like this is a distillation of their core roles from the perspective of an outsider looking in on the creation myth.
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Re: Binders, Vestiges, and Eberron

Postby Beoric » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:13 am

Have you been following Keith's posts on the planes? Your description of the Void sounds a bit like entities who are being drawn into, and gradually consumed by, Mabar. He also discusses the plane of shadow, which lies outside of the 13 planes, which would also be a candidate.
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Re: Binders, Vestiges, and Eberron

Postby HellcowKeith » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:12 pm

Seems reasonable to me. Here's how I personally handle Vestiges (though this is just a principle, and I haven't made a list of Eberron Vestiges)...

Personally, I say that Vestiges are immortal entities that linger in Dal Quor. Not exactly gods, they are beings who have become legends, and their spirits draw power and sustenance from that. I’ve called out titans of Xen’drik and ancient dragons as possible Vestiges. It’s entirely possible the Daughters of Sora Kell are trying to become Vestiges, or that Sora Kell is one.

It's essentially a variation of the Tairnadal patron ancestors... with the idea that the entity in question had to be something quite powerful to begin with.
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