Active Deities in Eberron

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Active Deities in Eberron

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Keith has explained why he designed the deities of Eberron the way he did, because he wanted to explore thematics of schism and heresy and because he thinks that powerfull NPC might still the thunder from the PCs. Personally I think that heresy and schism is still explorably in a word with active deities simply imposing limitations on the ability of the deities of solving those problems; For example, the deities might be able to judge theyr followers only after theyr death and they are not omniscents, so they òearn of things belatedly; or maybe the imprisoned Overlords interferes in the communications beetween the deities and theyr followers. The Deities can directly act only in peculiar circumstances, or when ctaclysmatic events struck; maybe Eberron equivalent of the Time of Troubles could have been caused by the Mourning?

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