Keith Baker has designed stuff for today's Maze Arcana

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Keith Baker has designed stuff for today's Maze Arcana

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Keith Baker is appearing on today's episode of Maze Arcana, and has helped design some stuff for the game, that you might be able to raid for tabletop games.

Last week something fairly major happened a PC got killed and brought back to life and it looks like this weeks adventure might involve something to do with where your soul goes when you die on Eberron or that sort of stuff.

Here is what RutyWoot posted on Reddit yesterday: [5E] [Fluff] Keith Baker to play a {spoiler} on Maze Arcana, Eberron Twitch livestream, Sunday 12 pm PT (3pm ET):
Ruty Woot on Reddit wrote:Curious about Dal Quor, Kalashtar, the spirits they share, etc., and... well, I don't want to spoil too much. I'm your DM, Ruty Rutenberg, and our usual cast of Satine Phoenix (GMTips on Geek & Sundry, I Hit It With My Axe), Milynn Sarley (Team Unicorn), Kyle Vogt (The Room), and Kurt Caceras (Prisonbreak, Better Call Saul, etc...) work their way through an updated Eberron 5e, designed by me, Ruty, and Keith, and officially sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast.

If you're a fan of the setting, of Keith's, Satine, Milynn, hell... any or all of us... or if you just wanna get the lowdown on the Eberron setting or ideas for your own game, swing on by to You definitely wanna see what Keith & I cooked up for this weekend!

Don't forget to follow the channel for more Eberron hijinks with WotC staffers Chris Lindsay (Kundarak Bard of Keys), Bill Benham & Travis Woodall (Talenta halfling barbarian brothers), and our own Satine Phoenix (Venomous Demesne Tiefling Wizard) for the Peanut Gallery, Mondays 7pm PT (10pm ET).

For VOD, follow and general info and giveaways, join up with MazeArcana on Twitch.

Most days we stick around afterward and rebroadcast, hang out with everyone in chat, and just have a hell of a good time playing some tabletop!

Sunday's stream is going to be AMAZING! You don't want to miss the story that Keith & I came up with this week. We'll look forward to seeing you in the chat.
Actually that sounds a little bit more like the character Dax from Deep Space Nine. :o

I'd say that Maze Arcana's stuff was kind of on a similar level to Unearthed Arcana, so a full 5th Edition Eberron Campaign Setting might do things another way, but I think it's worth looking at thsi show, to see what they do. If it works out well, Keith Baker might get WotC to go with it. :)
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