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Favourite Dragonmark Houses

Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 1:01 pm
by Hermes12
This month's Manifest zone is all about Dragonmarks and Dragonmarked houses so I thought I would ask people what people's favourite Dragonmarked houses? What house did you favourite Dragonmarked Character belong to? What Dragonmark NPC's do you like coming up against? Which House's setting information do you like the most? Which one's mechanics are you a fan of? What are the best story lines you have played using dragonmarked houses?

My favourite dragonmarked PC was a Human Ranger of house Orien Jalome D'Orien originating from the Eldeen Reaches. Ostensibly working as a courier my character got the party embroiled in a plan to undermine House Lyrandar interests in the region at the behest of the house. Chaotic good he couriered questionable goods for profit. During the course of the story we uncovered that a local Lyrandar Scion was running a human trafficking ring out of Thaliost. The story itself was centered around the dreaming dark but the DM allowed me a subplot of working at chipping away House Lyrandar's influence discreetly. This included exposing the Lyrandar trafficking, sabotaging a hangar so that Queen Aurala awarded a lucrative contract to Orien and the lightning rail and finally revealing the house had been infiltrated by agents of the dreaming dark to the 12.

I ran a campaign with a Denieth Scion Stirring up tensions between Darguun and Breland to try and drum up business and there was another adventure with a Kundarak patron who set the adventures to gathering items for him and then trying to defeat a dungeon vault of his to test its efficacy. In fact the Kundarak had been murdered by a Changeling crime lord who was a member of the Aurum and they had been double crossed. Actually they never caught up with her in that campaign.

Anyone else got particular enjoyable uses of the Dragonmarked houses in their games?

Re: Favourite Dragonmark Houses

Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 3:47 am
by AvonRekaes
I mainly DM Eberron games, but my favorite type of dragonmarked NPC to play is the young, free-spirit heir of House Lyrandar. Bonus points if they are an airship captain. I recently had one tag along with the PCs on a Xen'drik expedition, and I statted him up as a full-fledged PC. While he was mechanically a Hexblade Warlock, for flavor, all of his abilities were framed as coming from his Dragonmark (I also fudged some things, like making one of his "pact spells" from Hexblade Lightning bolt).