What are some awesome things you've had eberron newbies say?

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What are some awesome things you've had eberron newbies say?

Post by tetrasodium » Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:56 am

In the last couple weeks I've gotten a few awesome comments about eberron & wanted to share while seeing what other people had gotten.

I've been running a fate game at a flgs nearby for nearly a year or so & recently switched the group over to a 5e eberron game, a few months ago. All of those players are pretty new to rpgs & were gathered through a very much not nerdy type community. The best compliment I got with that game was actually from the grognard on staff who would ask occasionally how much prep I did to know so many background/minor minutia type details & kinda "wooow" when I explained how the setting all fits together pretty logically so filling in the blanks when players dive into an unexpected rabbit hole was pretty simple to do without having to worry much about conflicts or leaving loose threads since I could just drow from & tie them in somewhere that made sense.

That led to being asked if I'd join the AL crew & run a table on a night where they were severely lacking in GMs after a couple had life intrude on them. my first night running that I let everyone pick from early origin knowledge/trait stuff & I had the group (mostly
people I know to some degree) make new characters after I told them I'd be running it in eberron & it wouldn't exactly be al legal given I'd be making the adventures too. At first they were a little skeptical about a new setting, but as they dug into the options the origins gave them & started to see how the setting fit together one of them said something along the lines of "You know I've never made an eberron character before, this one is my first & I think I'm a little excited" before the group started really getting into making their characters together. a couple days later that player got in touch with me asking if there were any good books or resources I could recommend because he "felt a little lost with the setting". After a bit of conversation, it turned out after one two hour session he was asking for a good novel to start with because he'd read the drizzit novels for FR back when he was a kid & wanted to really get a feel for things. (I pointed him to thorn of breland/dreaming dark trilogies to start because they cover a lot of ground culturally & geographically).

Tonight in that same group, I had another player tell me "that was really cool, I like the blend of magic & society with how it's not too overbearing but seems everywhere while still being rare enough to be special"

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