What are some of the most significant events in history?

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What are some of the most significant events in history?

Post by tetrasodium » Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:23 pm

One of my players grumbled something about not knowing history of eberron :roll: (gee thanks WotC) :roll: after they (barely) started getting exposed to the cure dragons put on giants by way of finding out that it was breaking down or that someone had found a way around it(how I was planning to do stk in the breland/aindair/thrane/maybe karrnath general region) & it got me thinking if maybe I could involve more history than I had already intended. The pkayers had just finished up an adventure involving mabar manifesting in a mithral mine causing a plague in cragwar.

The original nutshell idea was that someone was working with a daelkyr/their servant to get around the curse & that still fits well or could be changed since they technically went back to town at end of session. I was thinking that I could jump them back to a few historic turning points in history.

I was thinking about sending them to either the early/just before the lycanthropic purgeor events leading up to the birth of the CoSF While looking at the timeline I realized Some of my initial plot web ideas wouldn't fit as well due to thinking the purge was much earlier than it was.

So 'm thinking of tossing them into 3-5ish bedrock turning points in the history of eberron using parts of ToA to justify it. My list of maybes is
  • lycanthropic purge
  • Demon Lord escapes & CoSF eventually born. Players undertake some quest involved in making sure the prophecy goes according to plan by someone.. ( :twisted: perhaps one or more polymorphed dragons they've "already" met :mrgreen: )
  • early gatekeepers with vvarak? Perhaps involving a group of dragons who disagree with her training the orcs after what happened in Xen'driik the last time they taught lesser beings.
  • something important in the dhakaani - Daelkyr war - what though? the breaking of muut could be fun, but I feel like it would be useless without something to show earlier dhakaani empire before the daelkyr war & I don't know enough there(]HALP).
  • an early & stage giant empire ???, perhaps meeting Ourelonastrix for the first time
  • late stage leading up to the war with the whole shifting of planar orbit/destroying moon via mass blood sacrifice where players need to make sure it happens

If you had to picj afew of the most important turning point events in history, what would you pick/do different?

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Re: What are some of the most significant events in history?

Post by Beoric » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:54 am

Off the top of my head, some historical events that lend themselves to gameable content include:
  • the War of the Mark
  • the construction of the Quorforged
  • the attack on the Xen'drik feyspire by the giants and enslavement of the eladrin
  • the Giant war with the elves
  • the elf migration to Aerenal
  • Karn's attempt to conquer Khorvaire
  • the destruction of Ohr Kaluun
  • the migration of Lhazaar
  • the founding of Ja'shaarat
  • the dwarf migration to Khorvaire
  • the banishment fo the 12 clans of dwarves, and subsequent
  • the sacrifice of Tira Miron
  • the war of the Dhakaani with the Tarendal
  • the founding of the Dhakaani empire
  • Vvaraak teaching the Gatekeepers
  • the destruction of the House of Vol and death of Erandis Vol
The reason these are gameable content is (a) they involve playable races, so the PCs can relate to them; (b) they are likely to have artefacts of some sort associated with them (nothing motivates a player like unlicking the secrets of their magic items); (c) they still have an impact on current events and can be related to whatever adventure you are running; and (d) they are discrete events in canon.

This last is important because a historical era is not discrete enough to stand out in the player's mind. It is unfortunate that there are not very many specific events relating to the Dhakaani Empire or the war with the daeklyr, because Khorvaire has the potential to be chock full of Dhakaani and daelkyr artifacts, and a sword from the imperial period (which spanned 11,000 years) is not as interesting as an amulet given by Vvaraak to her first disciple, or the astrolabe Lhazaar used in her journey to Khorvaire.

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Re: What are some of the most significant events in history?

Post by Angel Tarragon » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:43 pm

The Grand History of Eberron is a netbook that you may find helpful.

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