Maze Arcana Inkwell Society Primer

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Maze Arcana Inkwell Society Primer

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I've watched Maze Arcana's original live-streamed Eberron show (now called Orphan Echo) but missed out on their newer show (Inkwell Society) when it first came out.

I've been meaning to catch up for some time, and just had a chance to check out what they have archived on YouTube. I found a video that could be useful for people who don't want to watch the main show. It's called Maze Arcana - Inkwell Society, Ep 0 - Primer and is a 1 hour 45 minute introduction to the world of Eberron by Ruty Rutenberg:

Here is the show blurb:
Maze Arcana wrote:Join our very own Ruty Rutenberg as he sets up the wonderful and exciting new show Inkwell Society, a Noir adventure in the world of Eberron.
I'm just watching it now.
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