JoCo Cruise running custom Eberron adventure

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JoCo Cruise running custom Eberron adventure

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I just saw a Tweet by Twogether Studios that says that they have done a deal with JoCo Cruises to run a custom Eberron adventure on a cruise ship:
Twogether Studios on Twitter wrote:We’ve been working with 70 volunteer Dungeon Masters to turn this cruise ship into an #Eberron airship! We get to play a custom adventure by @HellcowKeith with about 400 friends in the Caribbean next week 🗡 🛳 Thanks @Wizards_DnD for partnering with us on prizes and dice!
JoCoCruises on Twitter wrote:Join our special D&D night Tue at 10:30pm on #JoCoCruise2019. Whether you've never played before or rock a Gygax tattoo: this is an adventure to stay up late for.

Wanna play? Sign up here:
The cruise/game is already sold out, so don't get excited, if you are not already signed up, but does anyone know about this?

Is Keith Baker's Eberron adventure going to be available on DMs Guild, so that other people can play it afterwards?
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