[3.x] Five Elements feat (PEACH please)

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[3.x] Five Elements feat (PEACH please)

Post by Ashtagon »

Please Evaluate And Criticise Honestly.

I need advice on how well-balanced this feat is. It is part of a wider project to create an oriental setting (and yes, I know about a certain book on that topic).

As part of this project, certain spells will be given metal or wood descriptors (no spell will have the void descriptor). This list is not yet formally written up, but should be reasonably obvious from the spell's name in most cases.


You are well-versed in your culture’s tradition of elemental spellcasting.

Prerequisite: Caster Level 1st.

Benefit: Choose any five of the following elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Void. You gain the following three benefits:
  • You gain a +1 caster level bonus to any spell you cast that has one of the spell descriptors that correspond to your elemental tradition’s elements.
  • If your choice of elements includes the Void element, you may apply the benefit of the Spell Penetration (+2 caster level for overcoming spell resistance) or the Spell Focus (+1 save DC) feat to any spell you cast that has one of the spell descriptors that correspond to your elemental tradition’s elements.
  • Additionally, you are able to summon elementals that correspond to one of your chosen tradition’s elements. See the summon monster spell for details.
Special: Your choice of elements may be limited by the campaign setting your GM has created. Check with your GM before choosing this feat.

Without this feat, you may not summon elementals.
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Re: [3.x] Five Elements feat (PEACH please)

Post by Big Mac »

This thing with five elements reminds me of Larry Elmore's Sovereign Stone campaign setting.

I wonder if you could look at the Sovereign Stone rules on magic, to see if they work the way you want to do this.
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