[WotC] Oriental Adventures and Rokugan FAQ

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Re: [WotC] Oriental Adeventures and Rokugan FAQ

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CmdrCorsiken wrote:
Cendragon wrote:I just got the Oriental Adventures book and I'm surprised by how much I like it. Since the characters in my campaign are adventuring in the Forgotten Realms near Kara-Tur, I'm think of using Rokugan as Kara-Tur in my FR campaign. However, I have a question about taint as discussed for Rokugan.

It doesn 't appear that there is any limit on how much taint one can acquire by casting blood spells and thus decreasing one's Wisdom to 0 and effectively immobilizing oneself. Is this talked about anywhere?
Having only read the 'taint' rules once, I can't say with certainty. However, one's Wisdom score is the limiting factor. If you are willing to sacrifice Wisdom, then you can cast more of those spells.

That said, here is an answer to a question you didn't ask. AaronDireBear makes a good point. There really is no need to simply drop Rokugan into Forgotten Realms. If you strip all the Rokugan-specific stuff out of the OA book, that leaves 75-90% of it. All of which is based on the original AD&D OA material which itself was defaulted as Kara-Tur. Such classes as Wu Jen and races as spirit folk were and are part of Kara-Tur.

So, by ignoring (or adapting) Rokugan material, you already have what you need to be relatively faithful to Kara-Tur. This is what I would recommend, but it is your world regardless. So, enjoy whatever you do with it!

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