[Mahasarpa] Mahasarpa namechecked on Geek.com article

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[Mahasarpa] Mahasarpa namechecked on Geek.com article

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Aubrey Sitterson of Geek.com has posted an article called: 11 best Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. Here is what he had to say about Mahasarpa:
Aubrey Sitterson on Geek.com wrote:Image


While Rokugan and even sections of the Forgotten Realms offer up mythical versions of East Asia, Mahasarpa gives plays a chance to explore South Asia. It offered up a fun, post-societal collapse take on Dungeons & Dragons, with a number of different kingdoms trying to carve out a space for themselves after the fall of a much larger one.
There is a separate topic in The Wishing Well called: Aubrey Sitterson's Best D&D Settings on Geek.com but I thought it would be good to discuss Aubrey's thoughts here.

I've seen the appeal of a campaign setting that explores the mythological themes of South Asia, but the "post-societal collapse" thing, isn't something I considered before. Is that something you would use as a central theme in a Mahasarpa campaign?
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