[OD&D][retro-clone] Arrows of Indra

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[OD&D][retro-clone] Arrows of Indra

Post by Big Mac » Wed Jun 08, 2016 11:27 am

I was talking about finding maps of Angkor for Mahasarpa last year. I also mentioned looking for them over on Faceborg, to see if I could get a bit more help. I got help (with the maps) but I also had another suggestion to check out an OD&D retro-clone called Arrows of Indra.

Here is the blurb for Arrows of Indra that Amazon has:
Arrows of Indra (BED7001) Perfect Paperback – September 1, 2013
by RPGPundit (Author)


Arrows of Indra is an RPG based on the original and most popular fantasy roleplaying rules; for old-school heroic fantasy adventure in a world that is exotic and at the same time highly recognizable, Inspired by the Epic Myths of India during the Age of Heroes. Players take on the roles of brave Kshatriya warriors, disciplined yogis, temple priests, rogues or scouts, assassins of the dark goddess, magic-using Siddhis seeking the mysteries of the universe, playing humans civilized or barbaric, immortal Gandharvas or Yakshas, Vanara monkey-men or half-demonic Rakshasa; and adventure in Naga-filled jungles, fight Asura demons, visit the ruins of ancient Rakshasa empires, seek out the shining treasures of the truly massive Patala Underworld, fight duels for money or honor in the Kalari Arenas, or get caught up in the political and military intrigues of the human Bharata Kingdoms. It's the same heroic adventuring you know and love, but with a new and exciting environment. No anthropology, history, theology or linguistics degree required; everything you need to play heroic characters and adventure in the Bharata kingdoms is found right here in this book!
There is also a preview of Arrows of Indra on the Bedrock Games blog (with 13 pictures of the pages in the book) and some other information.

Has anyone played Arrows of Indra?

What do you think of the system? Does it fit well with OD&D products or did you have to tweak things in other books (or Arrows of Indra) to make it feel right for your game?

I got pointed at this, as a possible book to use with Mahasarpa (which is a 3rd Edition D&D setting - albiet one with very little rules). I see that there are old school mechanics here (which I would probably need to adapt to use with 3e) but there are also some things like the Cavern Generation System and the Treasure that look to be system-neutral. How much stuff is in that book that can be raided and used with other rules (new or old)?

I also see there is some sort of campaign setting in the book (it looks like it is called "Lands of Bharata"). Has anyone tried using that with another rules system (like the 1e or 3e Oriental adventures)? One of the reasons I became interested in Mahasarpa in the first place, was that Spelljammer has Shou Lung explorers from Kara-Tur and I figured that it would be good if they could discover worlds like Rokugan and Mahasarpa, rather than just travel to planets based on Western mythology. So if "Lands of Bharata" has interesting stuff going for it (and isn't too similar to Mahasarpa) perhaps that would work as another Asian world in a multi-Asian-world trek. Anyhoo, it looks like there are about 20 pages of the campaign setting in the book. Has anyone run a campaign set in Bharata? Did you add in anything from other books (like Legends and Lore)?

Has anyone gone the other way with this book, pulling out the campaign setting and running something like a Kara-Tur, Rokugan, Mahasarpa or Parsantium game with the old school rules here?

Does anyone know if there is any follow up material for this book?
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