Gargantua for 5e?

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Gargantua for 5e?

Post by Coronoides » Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:19 am

Garganutua are gargantuan creatures loosely based on Japanese Kaiju movies. They first appeared in Oriental Adventures AD&D 1e and did make it into 2e. I'm not sure about later editions. The other place where gargantua show up is Council of Wryms where these gigantic beasts can challenge even a party of dragon PCs. I'm looking a running a Council of Wryms game in 5e next year and would like to use these monsters. However, since Oriental Adventures has a bigger fan-base than Council of Wryms I'm asking here.
Before I spend the time converting these challenging monsters...

Has anyone seen a good 5e conversion of the Gargantua (humanoid, Insectile, and Reptilian)?
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