[Rokugan][Planescape] What do we know about The Planes from OA and Lot5R products?

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[Rokugan][Planescape] What do we know about The Planes from OA and Lot5R products?

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What do we know about cosmology and the planes from the 3rd Edition Oriental Adventures products?

How does that differ from what is in Legend of the Five Rings products, from the various editions of the Lot5R rules?

Are there any Lot5R books that would give you enough on the Rokugan planes to run some sort of Rokugan/Planescape crossover game?
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Re: [Rokugan][Planescape] What do we know about The Planes from OA and Lot5R products?

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Re: [Rokugan][Planescape] What do we know about The Planes from OA and Lot5R products?

Post by EndlessKng »

There is something to note about that - there has been at least one plane that was introduced AFTER the book came out - Maigo No Musha, the realm of Thwarted Destiny.

As a result of the spirits remaining on Ningen-do, the worlds became unbalanced. The presence of so many who had already lived their destinies threatened the unfulfilled destinies of those who remained alive, leaving them kharmically indebted. As such, the Maigo no Musha arose to house those mortals whose destinies were unfulfilled. The plane became a battlefield between the forces of Yajinden the Bloodspeaker, leading the Legion of Blood (the greatest villains of Rokugan's past) and the Legion of Heroes, gathered by Goemon the Fortune of Heroes. Ultimately, it became a testing ground, putting the souls within through challenges to replace their destinies; as they chose the "right" options, they eventually found their way out, and fewer and fewer entered with the passing of the Spirits, until the realm became almost empty save for a lone ronin waiting for someone...

However, it still exists, and some souls still end up there due to strange circumstances. And, when the Yodotai invaded, it briefly filled with the Spectral Martyrs trying to lay hold to it. Unfortunately, the Yodotai plot was cut unceremoniously short, and the sale of the game meant that we didn't get to see what could have been.

In other worlds/timelines, other possibilities for the realm existed. In one timeline, where Kaneka died and Tsudao continued as Toturi II, the Shadow Dragon infiltrated that space and made it a Realm of Shadow, where lost souls would live shadow lives as they dissolved into the Nothing. In Heroes of Rokugan III (the living game's third iteration), the premature death of Kaede while pregnant with Sezaru led Sezaru to become a native of this realm; however, other souls who ended up here weren't as sentient, and in one module, upon visiting the realm, you see it as a slaughterfield, with the inhabitants striking animalistically at each other in a constant sea of violence.

As for other universes, Yume-do, the Realm of Dreams, is the best bet. In Yume-do, dreams of other Rokguan's exist, including the ones each of the other Kami created when winning the tournament, the world of Rokugan 2000 (at least according to Fortunes and Winds), and the Realm of the Thousand Years of Darkness (the fate planned for Rokugan if the Shadowlands won the Second Day of Thunder in the card game). However, there are implications that these dreams may tie to alternative worlds...

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