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Re: [Mahasarpa] Mahasarpa Campaign Setting

Post by Big Mac » Thu Aug 11, 2016 12:30 pm

nick_crenshaw82 wrote:
Big Mac wrote:
nick_crenshaw82 wrote:So I remember finding a site that expanded on Jame Wyatt's Mahasarpa campaign setting providing additional deities and a timeline but I can't find it any more. Does anyone what I'm talking about and where I can find it, even if it's dead.
It's been taken offline, but there is a James Wyatt's Mahasarpa Campaign topic, where I have been archiving some of the content from the Wayback Machine onto the forums. :)
I have seen that but all that stuff looks like just game play, not what i'm looking for.
That's all that was on the Wayback Macine copy of The Mahasarpa Campaign page, when I copied and pasted everything from his site into that topic, but feel free to have a search for yourself. Maybe you will stumble onto something I could not find. (If you use the bar at the top - the one that looks like a barcode - you can look at earlier copies of the page, to see if there was anything there that he had removed by 2009.)
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