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Re: Forgotten Realms Alternate Dimensions Fan Mag

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:33 pm
by dazzlerdal
Added a page containing magic items.

Also added an explanation as to why the history of Unther in canon sources is slightly different to mine.
The Geamesq-Samata (The Epic of Gil-Geamesq), also known as the false history of Unther. It is a continuous work produced by the government of Unther (the Church of the All Father) which alters historic events to put Gil-Geamesq in a better light.

It is this false history that makes Gil-Geamesq the son of E-Nlil, the victor of the Orcgate Wars, the rightful heir of E-Nlil, Gil-Geamesq and his victory tour of Unther after the Orcgate Wars, etc.

Re: Forgotten Realms Alternate Dimensions Fan Mag

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:47 pm
by dazzlerdal
So I changed Isimud to E-Simud and made him the last son of E-Nlil (being the son of a divine being he gets an incredibly long life).

Created a new magic artefact known as the Cowl of Eyes which allows him to see through all kinds of illusions and scry far off places and generally be a divining expert. I'm debating making this artefact one of the Imaskarcana which I've alluded to by allowing it to replicate itself (like the Mask of TiaMa'at) and that E-Simud can communicate with it and that it seems to have bestowed massive amounts of magical knowledge upon him.

I've decided on the Imaskari portal network being a legacy of the spellweavers that had a presence in this land long ago (and may have constructed the stone colossus). The spellweavers all over Faerun disappeared during their Grand Conjunction event (except for Jergal). I've tried to link this disappearance to the lore in the ecology of the Spellweaver and George Krashos' Jergal article (the sstar gems which I've also made the same as chardalyn).

Spellweaver preence in the Old Empires accounts for the pyramid structure in both Ascore and the influence on the Old Empires so I need to place a few really ancient pyramid like "Nodes" around the Old Empires but keep them soooo hidden that no-one has found them yet (maybe in the lake in Murghom/Semphar - perhaps the Okothian ruins in Azulduth are built atop the Node - or perhaps the node is extraplanar in nature and can only be reached by a portal).

https://alternaterealmsblog.wordpress.c ... e-enclave/

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Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:23 pm
by dazzlerdal
Added in a loose tie that E-Nlil once embraced Ass-Uraqn as a brother and Ass-Uraqn was widely believed to be next in line to succeed E-Nlil should the worst happen.

However Ass-Uraqn didn't want to be ruler and when the worst did happen he never pressed his claim. Thus he was really miffed when Gil-Geamesq betrayed him and helped Ram-Manu oust him from Unther (Gil-Geamesq believed Ass-URaqn was going to press his claim to the throne thanks to his paranoid delusions).

Now trying to link Bane into Chessenta and Assuran.

I think pre 700 DR Bane will be trying to establish a mini kingdom in Akanu, Ass-Uraqn will thwart that plan and the two will have a huge showdown atop Mount Thulbane from which neither are ever seen again.

The trouble with the League of Samathar keeps Unther from doing anything about it. Ass-Uraqn might be the cause of the terrible storm in 677 DR that sinks Unther's fleet on its way to the Wizards' Reach.

Now Bane creates names Stellac Benadi Imperceptor in 735 DR so I'm thinking the showdown between Bane and Ass-URaqn occurs after that (but not long after). It is the disappearance/death of Bane that is the catalyst for him achieving true godhood (worked for Tchazzar and he was alive at the time and active in Chessenta as well trying to make his own kingdom).

I'm thinking Ass-Uraqn has a set of gloves that allow him to call terrible storms. I'm thinking of mixing the Staff of Fury with the Gloves of Lightning to create the Gauntlets of Vengeance. An old Imaskari item that Ass-URaqn had enhance over the millennia. Every time someone injures the wielder they gain a charge. That charge can be used to send lightning at someone nearby but if charged enough then it can be used to call storms of potentially unlimited power (depending upon the number of strikes against the wielder).

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Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:34 pm
by dazzlerdal
My beginnings of a page for Entropy. He is listed as an NPC and not a god because he has not yet attained the level of power to make him a demigod or true god and it serves to show that anyone can establish a church and gain worshippers before they attain godhood.

https://alternaterealmsblog.wordpress.c ... s/entropy/

I've tried to keep his origin suitably vague via Entropy's own memories of his life but they only become concrete once he gains sentience.

Re: Forgotten Realms Alternate Dimensions Fan Mag

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:00 pm
by dazzlerdal
Added a page that will be the first of many pages on races of Toril beginning with Humans (Mulan and Turami)

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Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:47 pm
by dazzlerdal
I added a page about Spellweavers to try and tie in George Krashos' excellent article on Jergal Lord of the End of Everything with a few of my developing ideas about the origin of Untheric and Mulhorandi culture and a few stray quotes about a race that may have warred with the sarrukh long ago.

https://alternaterealmsblog.wordpress.c ... llweavers/

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Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 1:08 pm
by dazzlerdal
I have the base outline of Mulhorand available.

https://alternaterealmsblog.wordpress.c ... mulhorand/

I've tried to expand somewhat on the history and distinguish it from real world Egypt.

The animal headed gods are now depicted as such because of the rise of beast cults during the second empire. The title of Pharaoh comes from the Imaskari title of Empheroar (meaning Lord Artificer), the gods have the same names but their history is based wholly on events within Faerun.

I've attempted to set up a governing dynamic in Mulhorand whereby the Pharaoh is the ultimate power and the Church of Horus-Re administers to the central government. Beneath the Pharaoh are the Divine Precepts who are the titular heads of each church (the Pharaoh is the Divine Precept of the Church of Horus-Re so is the most powerful man in Mulhorand) and each Church has an area of responsibility in central government. Beneath the Divine Precepts are the regional governors, known as Precepts, who implement policy within the regions.

Mulhorand has a standing army, known as the Legions of Dawn, each of which is recruited and maintained by the Church of Anhur, but each legion is often commanded by those loyal to the Church of Horus Re. The Precepts have a militia known as the Pehtemi (Shields of the People) who act as local police forces and internal patrolmen.

Just need to work on the specifics for now.