Ideas for Saurials?

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shades of eternity
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Ideas for Saurials?

Post by shades of eternity »

I like Saurials and while I've written a few things in the DMsguild, I'm thinking of doing a series of adventures with them as the choice of party. Does anybody have interest and what would you want to do with them? ... est_in_dmg
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Re: Ideas for Saurials?

Post by Boneguard »

It's dated, but back in 2nd edition, they were located only in a small area near the Great Desert, slave to Moander. So for me, a few adventure for Saurials would be around those elements: exploring the Valley and the Desert, and maybe trying to find a way back to their own Homeworld
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Re: Ideas for Saurials?

Post by apotheot »

I had been planning on using the Lacerials (what the Saurials are called in Malatra) in some 5e Malatra stuff before Dragonbait appeared in ToA. That had me hold off, if for no other reason than to see how the eventual inclusion of their race to 5e would be stated.

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