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[Any D&D] Polyhedron Monster Index

Post by Havard »

Posted by Shade on EnWorld: http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=73020
Shade wrote:POLYHEDRON Monster Index!
BOZ requested this awhile ago, so after much internet research, here's what I've come up with. I only have a few Polyhedrons, and those are only ones that were merged with Dungeon. If anyone can fill in any of the blanks, it would be most appreciated.

2 - Hagertral

15 - Living Statues

18 - Master Bloody Bones, Bloody Bones Minion, Kobalts

19 - Viper Vines

21 - Ices

22 - Men, Amazon

23 - Men, Emezon

26 - Glommer, Chak, Galeb Duhr, Chomper, Moon Roc, Tin Man

28 - Giant Boa Constrictors

29 - Lycanthrope, Werecamel, Whirling Dervish

30 - Ghast-Lord, Brass Golem, Copper Golem, Oak Golem, Shadow Golem

31 - Composite Mummies (Crocodile, Hippo and Jackal), Tymphanix

35 - Bole-Skeleton, Bole-Wight, Bole-Zombie

36 - Braziers, Hot Pincers, Whips, Young Otter

41 - Steppe Barbarians, Leather Golems, Rope Golems, Straw Golems

42 - Semi-Lich

44 - Dragger, greater sea hag, and Living City raven.

51 - Snack Dragon (Twink), Marshmallow Harpy, Jinsu Orcs

53 - Skorpio

55 - Chakchak, MagiStar, Oortling (Spelljammer)

56 - Holsteins, Colliebirddogs, Killer Frogs, Geese, Milkshades, Reindeer, Baby Giant Scorpions, Turtledoves

58 - Armmegh

59 - Psi-shadow (Dark Sun)

62 - Wilbur the pig-iron golem

67 - Moss, armour boar, death ox, phase jelly, skum, dawnspirit, dragite, giant mosquito, Telexian Vine

68 - Hearth fiend

69 - Air fish

72 - Doppleganger, uran

73 - Dragon, Tiamat and Dragon, Bahamut

74 - Geran (Dark Sun), lizard man, Venusian (Spelljammer), Martian (Spelljammer), Moon man (Spelljammer)

75 - Ghost rothe, surface rothe, blade golem

76 - Ghost dragon, scavenger spirit, grave watcher, bloodstone zombie

78 - Snow Drow, Shivering Squirrel, Choir Wolves, Frosty Zombies

80 - Conashellae, sable sandcrawler, sand worm, silt wierd (all Dark Sun)

86 - Golem, Mechanical (Ahmi Vanjuko)

91 - Avenging Spirit

93 - Groundling, deathmirror beetle, shadevar (all from FR novels). The groundling later appeared in Monsters of Faerun.

95 - Zebranaur, dorvesh, ha'pony, gnoat (4 centaurlike monsters)

99 - Sand mother (Dark Sun)

101 - Suel lich (Greyhawk)

102 - Halfling, Shu; Katanga (Caiman, Hedgehog, Impala, Monkey, Pangolin, Snake, Tiger); Korobokuru, Malatran; Saru; Tam'hi (all from Malatra, the Living Jungle campaign setting)

106 - Houyhnhnms, Laputans, Yahoos

108 - Elf, Cereliean; Sea-hide, Telexian vine

113 - Dobie

115 - Estemennosuchus (Paleozoic)

116 - Snow Mischief, Frost Treants

118 - Dendar the Night Serpent, Kezef the Chaos Hound. Both later appeared in Champions of Ruin.

121 -Aarakocra, Malatra; Butu; Lizard Man, Malatra; Plantmen (all from Malatra, the Living Jungle campaign setting)

129 - Scro, Oscray; Saurial, Lacerial (Bladeback, Finhead, Flyer, Hornhead) (all from Malatra, the Living Jungle campaign setting)

130 - Crustaid

133 - Stench Kow

136 - Scorched One

138 - Dreamweaver, Shade Dragon, Shade Gargoyle, Shade Rhinoceros, Shade Vampire

Gencon Special Edition - Rusalka, Greater, Rusalka, Lesser

3E from this point on:

145 - Cifal, Death Lion, Iron Maiden, Living Door, Tauthar

147 - Arborror, Cinciut (Red Caps), Companion of Flame and Hate (Template), Companion of Flame and Hate Lion, Plague Wind, Monkeyman

148 - The Jersey Devil (Unique), Wicker Man, Thunderbird, Rolling Head

153 - Android (Thinker, Warrior, Worker), Ark, Badder, Blaash, Deathbot, Hisser, Hoop, Hopper, Latterbug, Orlen, Podog, Sep, Spider Bot, Stalker Bot. [Omega World]

157 - Norker. [In Living Greyhawk Journal portion].

159 - B'kallash Dreadnought, Duthka'gith, Spectral Hound.

161 - Bathar, Kluuv, Nalthis, Vort

162 - Desert Troll, Hueleneaer (desert centaur). [Both in Living Greyhawk Journal portion].

163 - Docentos

165 - Dreamstealer, Dreamstealer Spawn (template), Mazchedeen, Overseer, Yeshir. [All in Living Greyhawk Journal portion].
Conversion to 3E: http://www.enworld.org/forum/general-mo ... azine.html
Conversion to 3E, thread 2: http://www.enworld.org/forum/general-mo ... azine.html


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Re: Polyhedron Monster Index

Post by Princess Strega »

Sweet find! :cool:

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Re: Polyhedron Monster Index

Post by Azaghal »

Nice! Thanks Havard.
Sean "Azaghal" Pennington

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