Noworld (Peter Pan as a spelljammer world)

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Noworld (Peter Pan as a spelljammer world)

Post by dulsi » Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:46 pm

I posted this in other worlds on a discussion about Peter Pan as a campaign setting. My spelljammer world version is loosely based on Peter Pan.

Spherical water body
Size C (300,000 miles diameter)

The planet's dark blue ocean makes the planet hard to spot in space. A single large island dominates Noworld. There are a few smaller islands but most of the surface dwellers live on the largest island. The largest group is a primitive human society with only stone tools. They wear bright blues, purples and browns clothing unlike anything seen elsewhere. It's possible they are native to the planet. While recent interactions with the spelljammer pirates has cautioned them to outsiders, they are not completely opposed to interacting with travellers.

Another longtime resident of the planet are the snakemen although many can pass as human. Some unfortunate visitor have assumed their bustling city to be the most civilized landing spot. The snakemen are more technologically advanced than the humans but far more dangerous. Travelers will be greeted only by those passing as human. The newcomers will be separated as best they can. Most will be devoured although some may have other uses. Social status within the society is gain by killing or otherwise removing those above you. The ruthless obsession to raise in status cripples the culture.

The obscurity of the planet and rich minerals found on the island has made it a home for a group of pirates. They quickly conflicted with the humans and snakemen. One group decided to kidnap orphans to aid in extracting the minerals. Unfortunately among the children they took were several infected with lycanthropy. These children broke free of their masters. While independent of the humans, they have allied with them against the pirates. The collection of were creatures is quite diverse. The leader is a wereeagle. Among his men are at least a wereskunk, werebear, werefox, and wereraccoon.

Mermaids occupy one bay on the island. They are seen lounging on the rocks without a care. What lies below the waves is uncertain. It is possible they maintain a large civilization underwater or that other creatures wait underneath.

The most puzzling feature of the world are the clockwork crocodiles. Thankfully the loud noise of their mechanics makes them easy to avoid. No one knows the origin of the monsters. It is unknown if some unseen master recalls and rewinds the creatures or if some magical energies sustain them. Some believe they hint at a superior civilization once inhabiting the planet or perhaps still living beneath the waves.
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Re: Noworld (Peter Pan as a spelljammer world)

Post by night_druid » Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:41 pm

Something that popped out immediately...300,000 miles in diameter isn't size C; that's size G to H range...;)
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Re: Noworld (Peter Pan as a spelljammer world)

Post by Tim Baker » Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:22 pm

Cool concept! I like it.
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