[Greyspace][Aquaria] Aquaria influences on Greyspace

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[Greyspace][Aquaria] Aquaria influences on Greyspace

Post by Big Mac » Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:18 am

Last year I wrote a topic called: Chainmail influences on Greyspace. Four years before that, I wrote another topic called: Lich Dungeon comes from "Aquariaspace"! Now, with the Empyrea Kickstarter about to kick in, I'm reminded that Frank Mentzer said that Aquaria is on the same world as Greyhawk and that means that "Aquariaspace" is actually Greyspace. :)

Aquaria wasn't really designed with Spelljammer in mind...just like Chainmail wasn't really designed with Spelljammer in mind, but it does have at least two space connections.

Firstly, there is the fact that Lich Dungeon is a partially mined asteroid that Chagur the Lich bought from people who were towing it through space. (See the above Lich Dungeon topic for a discussion on the details.)

Secondly, Frank said that the area south east of Empyrea, beyond the Great Barrier Mountains is full of aliens, in the Should the Aquaria forum be the Empyrea forum? topic.

That isn't much to go on, and Frank isn't going to be able to use the specifics of Greyspace, as they are Spelljammer IP. But I'm guessing that Lich Dungeon would probably have been a former asteroid in the Grinder.

And if/when Frank gets around to developing aliens in the area beyond the Great Barrier Mountains, we can retcon them to somewhere in Greyspace (or maybe beyond). And we might also get a spelljamming port. I think that Frank might need to go down a more science fiction route, but, with Starfinder being open content, he might be able to make something that is mostly compatible with Spelljammer. And if he is able to make things work for Starjammer as well, that might make things even more compatible with Spelljammer. :)
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Re: [Greyspace][Aquaria] Aquaria influences on Greyspace

Post by ripvanwormer » Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:40 pm

ExTSR wrote:That said, it should be noted by purists that my campaign background and Gary's diverge as soon as you get off the planet, and my overall theme is an epic and multiversal struggle between magic and technology rather than the (comparatively provincial) intramural conflicts that formed the basis of the original Gygax/Arneson wargames. But for what it's worth, the Greyhawk/Aquaria cross-connections stand up reasonably well, as do the implied intercontinental activities of various notable characters, good and bad.
Frank Mentzer wrote a lot about Aquaria's solar system and its surrounding galaxy in this thread. Reconcile that with Spelljammer as you will.

One wrinkle is that in Frank Mentzer's campaign, Oerth moves to another realm or system in CY 556, in what he calls "the Day the Stars Changed." On that date, the gods move the planet to prevent the intrusion of technologists. So who knows where it is now. (Source). Maybe that's when it moved to Greyspace.

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