non-FR settings for 5e. Sort of. (don't get *too* excited)

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non-FR settings for 5e. Sort of. (don't get *too* excited)

Post by Jaid » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:19 pm ... -settings/

the short version: WotC is expected to be releasing at least one adventure similar to the (5e) return to castle ravenloft but for a different setting.

as I said, don't get your hopes too high... return to castle ravenloft has a few NPCs and monsters, some backgrounds, and that's about it as far as setting information goes, from what i understand. i don't believe it even discusses the fact that barovia is only one of the domains in the demiplane of dread, and i've heard people grumbling about the fact that there is even an entire page and a half dedicated to how factions on faerun should be run (when presumably, they don't even *exist* once the adventure gets out of the faerun portion and into the ravenloft portion), so... whatever it is, probably expect that the setting-specific content will be fairly minimal, and that possibly forgotten realms information will even be mixed in, but it seemed like the sort of thing that would be of interest to people on these forums.

there doesn't appear to be a general "campaign worlds" main forum (just subforums), but it may be appropriate to share this information with other forums as well - particularly the eberron and dark sun forums, as those settings have actually received any attention at all in the past decade and are the most likely to get material published for them imo (they were probably considered most popular then, and have probably increased as they got far more exposure than the other settings). if there is some moderator function to do that conveniently without me posting this individually in 20 different forums, that would be really nice (if not, i guess i can at least copy it to a few others).

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