[Greatspace] Adapting Age of Heroes and Legends & Lore

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[Greatspace] Adapting Age of Heroes and Legends & Lore

Post by Big Mac » Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:17 pm

Greatspace, from SJA3 Crystal Spheres uses the Greek pantheon (or rather most of the gods. So I've long thought that it should be considered the "Hellenic crystal sphere".

But, at the same time, it seems to be a society that has moved into some sort of "scientific revolution", where ancient things like philosophy seem to be getting shunned.

So, I'm thinking that HR6 Age of Heroes Campaign Sourcebook the Greek sections of Legends & Lore could be great for Greatspace...

...but that they might need to represent the past era of Greatspace, rather than the current time.

I think it might also be fun to vary the amount of "classical Greekness" on the different worlds within Greatspace.

Thesalys is the most dominant world in Greatspace has five separate major governments that vie for political control. I think that those 5 nations should be the most "advanced". The history of Thesalys is that, for thousands of years, it had petty city-states all opposing each other. I think that these could have more of a pure Greek-theme to them and that the "modernists" might well associate their Greek history with the "cold war" of Thesalys and reject their own cultural roots (instead of embracing the past advancements that put their world where it is today). At least that is the gut-feeling I get from Bruin's sage advisor deciding to leave the world and go to Herospace to live out the rest of his life there.

Lagor's World has a much larger number of nations (50 human cultures plus a small number of demihumans - mostly gnomes and halflings). They are said to have a much weaker economy, so I think it could be fun to mostly restrict them to older Greek technology, if not the actual culture. I think it would be more appropriate to have city-state civilisations on Lagor's World, with the lack of cooperation allowing Thesalys to dominate the sphere.

Hecht features scattered small communities of humans and elves. They hold rangers and druids in high regard. These are both classes that HR6 recommends should only be available to a Historical Campaign with DM approval. And HR6 also says that the magical abilities of Rangers have no place in a historical campaign. However, if there are no organised churches on the world then perhaps Hechtian rangers and Hechtian druids could be the divine representatives of one or more Greek gods associated with nature. City-states do not fit into Hecht, so the ancient Greek culture initially looks like it does not fit, but I'm guessing there are small island colonies or villages in Ancient Greek history that might serve as a springboard to design different isolated communities from.

The history of Hecht mentions the savage past of the world, before priests of Athena arrived and "civilised" the world, so maybe rangers and druids on the world could be devoted Athenans.

As for The Grey Sword, a group of "pirates" who live in the asteroid belt who are said to hail from the original warlike culture of Hecht, I think they could be tied into a much more pure version of ancient Greek culture. They still probably need to be a bit different from ancient Greek culture, as Greatspace is not Greece, but I think that they could have weapons and equipment, and maybe ships (although Chapter 5 of SJA3 describes their ships as "ten converted ocean vessels equivalent to galleons equipped with minor helms" and Chapter 4 of SJA3 has Hammerships and Galleons from Thesaylis).

I wonder if there are any Greek ships that are similar to galleons in handling. :?

The other parts of Greatspace are fleshed out as no go areas, but I wonder if Greek themes could be applied to them.

Karrington is uninhabitable, due to high temperatures (600 degrees) but I wonder if the northern and southern poles could be explored by adventurers during the times in the winter that each pole faces away from the sun for days on end. Perhaps a bit of information about how the Arctic Circle works could be combined with something like a legend of a labyrinth inhabited by a minotaur. Something like azer hoplites might also be fun. :lol:

Skora has a poisonous methane atmosphere and violent and destructive storms. But I think it would be good to put a tie a few Greek legends to the world. And just because nobody can live there now, it doesn't mean that there wasn't a Greek-like civilisation there in the ancient past. Perhaps the ancient Skorans offended the gods and were struck down. Or maybe they were strong supporters of Ares, Circe, Hades, Hecate and Oceanus and the other gods destroyed the world to erase those religions. :?

Boran is a barren frozen world dominated by arctic storms. The only creatures here are supposed to be foul creatures that make their homes in the coldest of places. White dragons, yeti and arctic trolls are given as a examples. But I wonder if creatures popular in Greek mythology could be adapted to work in the cold. For example, how about a medusa that has a gaze attack that instantly freezes creatures, instead of turning them into stone?
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Re: [Greatspace] Adapting Age of Heroes and Legends & Lore

Post by GMWestermeyer » Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:43 pm

Focus on the Hellenistic Age, when Greek Culture dominated the Mediterranean. You get Archimedes, all of the ancient philosophers and thinkers are in the past.

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Re: [Greatspace] Adapting Age of Heroes and Legends & Lore

Post by night_druid » Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:47 pm

Big Mac wrote:
Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:17 pm
So, I'm thinking that HR6 Age of Heroes Campaign Sourcebook the Greek sections of Legends & Lore could be great for Greatspace...

...but that they might need to represent the past era of Greatspace, rather than the current time.
Nah. I'd just adapt as needed. If you have the sourcebook and want to mix the two, I say use them. Otherwise it seems to be a waste of a perfectly good book. Just make modifications and allowances. I'd also consider different worlds and even different continents to represent Greek culture at different points in time; a planet is a big area, afterall. So one might draw inspiration from the Mycenaean era, another the classic golden age, another the Byzantine era, and so forth. I might make minotaur an PC option for the sphere, as well as centaur, although dialed back slightly to put them in-line with other PC races. Run with it.
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