Super Heavy Hammership Stats

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Super Heavy Hammership Stats

Post by kalos72 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:22 pm

My group threw this together, not sure its all kosher. Thoughts?

We run several mines so the raw materials aren't a problem...

Super Heavy Hammerships – fully covered Adamantite frames/plates, Starmantle Helm(Custom) with minor helm backup – Starmantle Figurehead(Custom) – Large Holds of Holding – 4 heavy dual modified ballista turrets, 2 forward heavy dual modified ballistae, 10 ground bombard tubes, and 20 swivel heavy repeating crossbows.
Cost: 1,400,000gp
Tonnage: 100 tons
Hull Points: 100
Crew: 20 / 100 (400 for assault mode only)
Maneuverability Class: F Base – “Topped Out”+ “Triop Fins” + “Enhance Maneuverability” spell(Custom) = C Modified
Landing: Both- Fully Submergible (Stronghold Builders Guide)
Armor Rating: 0 Base “Adamantine”
Save As: Metal +5
Power Type: Major Helm / Minor Helm
Ship’s Rating: 5 Base w/10th lv mage/priest +1 “Enhance Rating” spell (Custom)
Cargo: 50 Tons + 2xHolds of Holding
Keel Length: 300 feet
Beam Width: 75 feet
Base Cost Breakdown: 2,800,000gp – 50% material costs – “Adamantine free”

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Re: Super Heavy Hammership Stats

Post by Jaid » Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:47 am

hmmm... i think they've gone over the weapons tonnage limitation, but i don't have my books so i can't be sure. in any event, they may need to cut back slightly (and lose some of their breathable air) or a lot (if they don't want to give up breathable air capacity). with sufficient magic, the air problem is relatively easy to solve though. i'm not sure how swivel mounted heavy repeating crossbows interacts with weapons capacity, since i'm pretty sure you had to invent them as a DM which means you'll need to decide for yourself, and i cannot give you a clear answer on those in particular as a result.

if you're using the official rules, a minor helm will not work on a 100 ton ship (and also will make the ship not work at all if another type of helm is installed at the same time as it is on the ship iirc, but that can be solved simply by stuffing it into one of the holds of holding, so the main concern is that a minor helm is simply not powerful enough).

iirc the triops has a special maneuver that gives it better MC (or SR, if preferred) when the maneuver is performed, but does not actually have any listed flat passive bonus to MC for being a triops. that said, i'm pretty sure there are magic items that can grant a specific MC regardless of the ship's innate MC, and these guys appear to be pretty much swimming in cash, so that may be an easy enough problem to solve. alternately, i think the spelljamming NWP can give an unlimited-use bonus to MC (though again, my books are still gone so i can't be sure), which may yield a similar result.

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Re: Super Heavy Hammership Stats

Post by Halvor » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:23 am

I am not familiar with the swivel heavy repeating crossbows..they look interesting is there a source book for them I can look them up to learn about their stats?

I would swap out the heavy ballista for a combination of Light Ballista and Light Catapults they have a better ROF and can be loaded down with mageshot. The right combinations of mage shot can disable a foe very quickly, and light catapults can deliver a lot of it fast. The light ballista are to be used to pick off enemy weapons crews, magic users, officers, etc. They also can fire the gnome sticks that have an 80% chance of starting a fire on impact (a nice touch if you encounter the foe outside of a crystal sphers, where things are a bit flamable)

If it has an open deck I would add netting it will absorb some catapult damage and also delay boarding.

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Re: Super Heavy Hammership Stats

Post by nerik » Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:04 pm

I am reminded of this monstrosity:

Deckplans even: ... rprise.pdf
(Yes, the captain was that lacking in imagination).

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