[Krynnspace] Dragonlance Adventures vs Spelljammer

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[Krynnspace] Dragonlance Adventures vs Spelljammer

Post by Big Mac » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:27 pm

I thought I would have a look at the classic 1st Edition hardback, Dragonlance Adventures and the canon in that book that potentially interacts with the Spelljammer campaign setting.

I've referred to SJ namechecks in non-Spelljammer books as "secondary Spelljammer canon" elsewhere, but Dragonlance Adventures was published before Spelljammer was a glint in Jeff Grubb's eye, so none of the stuff in this book was truly designed to be used with Spelljammer. So maybe I should refer to this as "proto-Spelljammer canon" or something like that. Anyhoo, whatever this stuff is, it's stuff that could be used to enhance Krynnspace in some way and give it more of the feel of the "Dragonlance crystal sphere".

List of things to look at:
  • The Realms Above - Poem on page 7
  • Orders of the Universe - Description of the gods coming to Krynn from the Beyond on page 8
  • The Alignments of the Gods - The division of local gods on page 8
  • The Place of Mortals - The local creation myth of mortals on page 8
  • The Law of Consequence - "Good Redeems its Own", "Evil Feeds Upon Itself", "Both Good and Evil Must Exist in Contrast" and "The Law of Concequence" on page 9
  • The Constellations of Krynn - The southern constellations on the Krynnspace crystal sphere on page 10
  • Magic-Users (renegade) and Illusionists (renegade) - Arcane spellcasters who are not part of the Orders of High Sorcery on page 12
  • Travellers from the Beyond - Specific rules for people from other worlds and planes (i.e. other Spelljammer spheres and the Planescape setting) who live permanently on Krynn on page 12
  • General Limitations in Krynn - Rules for removing PCs/NPCs from Krynn when they advance beyond 18th level on page 13
  • What's Your Alignment - Rules for penalising characters who wander between good, neutral and evil alignments on page 13
  • Tinkers (gnomes) - An entire chapter that would be useful for Tinker Gnome PCs from pages 21-26
  • The Moons of Magic - Rules for magic variation depending on moon location and alignment with other moons on page 27
  • Moon Tracking Chart - Chart for tracking the position of Solinari, Nuitari and Lunitar on page 28
  • The Spheres of Magic - Association between wizard schools and the Orders of High Sorcery (and the moons) on page 29
  • The Test of High Sorcery - This is a test by the moons of magic (it might be worth looking at outside the context of the Orders of High Sorcery) on page 34
  • Renegade Wizards - How the Orders of High Sorcery treat spacefaring wizards that come to their attention on page 36
  • Illusion and Krynn - Specialist rules for Dragonlance characters disbelieving illusions on page 37
  • Spells of High Sorcery - Four arcane spells unique to Ansalon (that might turn up in Krynnspace) on pages 37-38
  • Messengers of the Heavens (introduction) - Legends of Krynn's gods coming from Beyond on page 39
  • Obligation of Clerics - Specialist rules for clerics of the Dragonlance deities on pages 40-47
  • The Heatherns - Specialist rules for cleric who come from beyond Krynn on page 47
  • The Races of Krynn - Rules for races new to Dragonlance on pages 49-70
  • The Creatures of Krynn - New creatures for Dragonlance (some of which might be found in Krynnspace) on pages 73-80
  • The World That Was - Ansalon's timeline for the Age of Dreams, Age of Light and Age of Might (which needs to line up with Krynnspace's timeline) on pages 82-87
  • Magical Items of Krynn - Magic items on Ansalon (some of which might be found in Krynnspace) on pages 91-99
  • The War of the Lance - Ansalon's timeline for the Age of Darkness and Age of Dragons (which needs to line up with Krynnspace's timeline) on pages 100-104
  • Beyond the Map - Lands on Krynn beyond Ansalon (that may or may not have spelljammer ports) on page 106
  • Character Alignment Tracking Chart - A chart for applying penalties to Dragonlance PCs that wander away from their alignment (that may or may not be appropriate for Krynnspace) on page 114
  • Races of Krynn (chart) - A chart showing the evolution of the five types of creatures on in Ansalon (that may also be appropriate in Krynnspace on page 114
  • Unified Ansalon Monster Chart - A chart that might be useful inspiration for a series of monster tables for the various worlds of Krynnspace on pages 115-116
  • Gnome Device Complexity Level (chart) and Gnome Mishap Table - Rules for building Tinker Gnome devices (including ones that can travel to space) on pages 118-119
  • Spheres of Influence - Charts for good, neutral and evil clerics on pages 121-125
  • Spell Summary - List of spells that might be inspiration for a list of spells in Krynnspace on pages 126-127
  • Knights Circle Table and Knights Circle Modifiers - Two charts that might help with the design of spacefaring knights or knights on any of the other worlds of Krynnspace on page 128
That's a quick skim-read of Dragonlance Adventures to see what might be useful to a GM running a game set in, or travelling through, Krynnspace.

I know that some of the sections I've mentioned would be less relevant to me (as I'm hoping to use 3rd Edition rules) but I've included them anyway, as I think they would be worth looking at if someone was using 2e or 1e. (I'm not sure of the implications of 4e and 5e, but I think that it would be worth someone skimming through all the above sections if they want to play a 4e or 5e game in Krynnspace, so that they can draw their own conclusions.)
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