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Re: [Mapping Issues] Lining Up Mystara

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:41 pm
by Sturm
Thorf wrote: I'm not at all opposed to adding Evergrun, but I don't see the logic here. Including or excluding Evergrun surely has no impact on Davania...?
I believe it has in the sense it changes the shape of Davania too much in respect to Geoff's map that, even if I found is a bit too small, I'd like to respect as much as possible.
I still enlarged Davania, almost one/third in the north south direction and less in the Aryptian coast, and rotated Oceania and Cestia a bit to the north, IIRC.
Had I not used Evergrun however, I would have to double the north-south distances of Davania in respect to Geoff's map, to have it reaching the south pole, and IMHO also seriously distort the final result, as the area of Davania mapped in the PWA will result tiny in comparison to the rest of the continent.
- Here I found the HW fit much better if bigger, so I considered the Iciria map a 60 miles per hex map rather than a 40 miles per hex.
I know that this sort of change has been suggested by many people, but I couldn't be more against it. Why mess with the scale like this? Is it to make the world resemble the cross-section diagram more closely? But that would make all the larger scale hex maps 12 miles per hex instead of 8.
Besides, it's just not necessary. The Hollow World actually does fit the official figures quite nicely. We can make it work, and fit most of the compromises into the design of the polar openings, which no one seems to care about anyway.
Well if you map it starting from Iciria as I did in issue #9 of Threshold, it becomes even smaller than the small figure gave in the HW boxed set. Too small for my taste, and much too small in respect to an enlarged Outer World...
I want more space for more lost cultures! :)
I'm quite happy with the bottom part of Davania overflowing into the polar opening. This is how the official maps show it, anyway. On the contrary, there is no room for open sea here.
I planned to do that originally, but then I did not like the final result... Davania seemed too "long" and "narrow"... Also I liked the work LoZompatore did here, even if his placement is different from mine as I do not want the North Pole on the Known World before the GroF.
In general I tried to preserve as much fanon work as I could, but that was just my choice.
This sounds very much like what I have done in my articles. I'm sure we didn't agree on all areas, but there's a lot of arbitrary parts to it, so that's not surprising at all. I'm sorry if I have sounded overly critical. I actually think your map is stunning! :)
By the way, as you have probably read, I am opposed to the use of hexes at this scale. That actually has a nice advantage for your map: I will not be producing a world map in hex format, so your map will not be getting competition of this variety. ;)
Thanks, I wanted to have an hex map because it can be useful to depict history, empires and large areas.. I'm aware it's not very precise and should you do one, it would most certainly be a better map, but anyway I will still be happy to see any other map you will draw!

Re: [Mapping Issues] Lining Up Mystara

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 2:25 pm
by Thorf
It looks like I may have finished this project! The last series of posts were a flurry of activity, bringing the whole thing to a rather satisfying conclusion. Skip to the last post if you just want to see the results! :cool:

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Re: [Mapping Issues] Lining Up Mystara

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:34 am
by Thorf
Last night I posted an update on this project, along with an exploration of a new issue:

2018 Mystara Project Updates

The topic is sorting out the Yalu Bay, and trying to place Dungeon 6's map, which I had not yet added to my project.

Edit: I've posted a thread asking for help with Skothar over in the Mystara forum.