[Outer World] Ylaruam, 8 miles per hex

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Re: Outer World: Ylaruam, 8 miles per hex

Post by Zendrolion » Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:27 pm

Chimpman wrote:I'd prefer to add as much detail as possible to an Updated map (without overloading it), regardless of whether or not that detail was on the original. Thorf has created Originals as well Updated versions so I don't feel like we are loosing anything by modifying the updated version. As long as there are references that support those changes, the map should still be considered "official". The thing to keep in mind is that when these were originally done, they were created on a timeline and strict budget. The original authors didn't have time to get it perfect... just enough time to get it to be "good enough." Details will suffer for this. But as a community we can spend all the time and effort that we want on these projects, so I don't see adding more details as taking anything away from the map's officialness. ...And I know you said this half in jest, but I wouldn't be averse to adding badlands or broken lands hexes around Nithia either... ;)
Understand me, I'm not saying that adding the forested hill hexes in Piedmont is the ultimate evil. :D

I'm only saying that, if we're to respect strictly (and that could not necessarily what we want to do) the canonic informations extrapolated from maps and/or modules, we should accept that in this single case the map's implication is that those Nicostenian woods should cover less than half each 8-m hex on the GAZ2 map.

Obviously, as Thorf said above, there are a lot of cases in which maps don't match the descriptions given in the GAZs - Karameikos' hills being the most evident example. In that case, an update of the map is mandatory; but in Piedmont's one, is it really? Or can we just explain Ylaruam's source of lumber as many small separated patches of woods, each of whom isn't large enough to fill an 8-m hex?

By the way, if Thorf decides to keep the forested hill hexes, I'd rather use the alternative Chipman suggested 8-) :
How would it look if we had 4 or 5 forested hill hexes interspersed with the normal hill hex. That would still give the visual cue that there are trees here, but may also imply that they are sparsely populated? I'm trying to think "what would I do if I were going to take that area and create a 1mi/hex map?" If I saw all those forested hills hexes together I would probably just create one big lump of forested hexes. However if I saw forested hills hexes interspersed with normal hills I might start to think, "Hey, why did they do that? This must not be a single large area covered by forested hills."
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Re: Outer World: Ylaruam, 8 miles per hex

Post by Seer of Yhog » Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:30 pm

Love the map - much better than the original!

Now then...let's get the history of Ennaej worked out... :geek:
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Re: [Outer World] Ylaruam, 8 miles per hex

Post by Thorf » Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:46 am

I just posted the finished updated map over at the Atlas of Mystara.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread! The map is far better for it. :D

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