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[Outer World] Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 2:20 am
by Thorf
Glantri, 8 miles per hex by Thorf

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Click on the thumbnails to view these maps' pages in the Atlas of Mystara, where you can get the full resolution maps.

If you have any comments, corrections, or suggestions for things to add to the map, please post them here.

Sources: GAZ3 The Principalities of Glantri (1987), GAZ12 The Golden Khan of Ethengar (1989), TM1 The Western Countries (1989), Rules Cyclopedia (1991), Glantri: Kingdom of Magic (1994).

Thanks to: Stone Marshall (multizar), Michele (LoZopmatore), Mike (metal), Simone Neri (Zendrolion), Andrew Theisen (Cthulhudrew)

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:12 pm
by Zendrolion
Again for some additions:

* Barony of Dovehold (from Dungeon Magazine #26).
The text says: "Fredrikka of Dovehold (9th-level Glantrian sorceress) . This young lady recently graduated from the Great School of Magic in Glantri City and has since been traveling throughout the Known World in search ofadventure. Her parents rule the obscure barony of Dovehold in a wooded valley of the Wendarian Ranges far to the north."
The Barony should be located in one of the forested valleys of the Wendarian Ranges; I'd choose the ones nearer to Uigmuir or Pavlova (they're the ones which can most easily be reached).

Source: "Caravan Guards" D&D Expert Set adventure by Stephen J. Smith (in Dungeon Magazine #26 [November/December 1990, Vol. V, No. 2, page 36).

* Barony [unknown name] (from M5).
The text says: "The youngest son of a baron from the Principalities of Glantri, tall, broad-shouldered Ethendril h'Caramore is a warrior's warrior".
I don't think this pregenerated PC is linkable with any of the known Glantrian families (moreover he's a paladin). IMC I made the Caramore family barons of Llandrod, which is located in the north-western isolated hexes of plains which should control the trade road going to Wendar.

Source: Dungeons & Dragons Master Game Adventure "M5 - Talons of Night" by Paul Jaquays (TSR 9214, 1987, page 48).

* Barony [unknown name] (from PC2).
This one comes from the title "Baron" which is held by one major NPC from the "Heart of Darkness" adventure, Miroslav Gorevitch-Stekel. The text reads "Baron Miroslav Gorevitch-Stekel (alias the musician, Boris Vasiliev), Glantrian Nosferatu Noble". He's a 16th-level nosferatu-wizard (and a Necromancer), but also a pawn of Morphail. Likely his domain should be located in Boldavia (IMC I called it Tamoshek and put it south-east of Mariksen).
On their page on Central Wendarian Ranges Free Provinces, within the Glantri Interactive Map project, other fans (Agathokles, Thibault Sarlat, and Giovanni Porpora) put the barony in the wooded valley north of Pavlova and called it Stekel.

Source: Dungeons & Dragons Creature Crucible Official Game Accessory "PC2 - Top Ballista" by Carl Sargent (TSR 9255, 1989, page 15 in "Adventures Booklet").

* Daelzun's Rest and neighbouring locations (from CM8)
The module's suggested location is "on a road somewhere on the Principalities of Glantri, at least four days' ride from Glantri City". On the Italian MMB we thought the best location for the module (which should be set around the AC 840s, as there are clerics around in Glantri) could be in the forested slopes of the Wendarian Ranges, north of Aalban or Bergdhoven. The historical events told in the module and regarding Baron Elktazar and other characters should have instead happened around AC 550, still in this same region.

Source: Dungeons & Dragons Companion Game Adventure "CM8 - The Endless Stair" by Ed Greenwood (TSR 9192, 1987, pages 2 and following).

* Wood's Hollow village and the ruined Temple of the Golden Fountain (from Dungeon Magazine #39)
The village is the starting point of the adventure "The Golden Fountain", and it lays beyond a forest, in an area exposed to humanoid raids (the village was attacked by orcs before the adventure). After seven miles along a rough and overgrown track, from the village can be reached the ruined Temple of the Golden Fountain, seat of a fountain with magical healing powers and abandoned in AC 861 (the temple was devoted to the Immortal Ariana - aka Alphatia - and her cult here was called the Order of the Golden Fountain).
The village can be placed, according to the adventure, in "a sparsely settled area of the Principalities of Glantri".

Source: "The Fountain of Health" D&D adventure by Ann Dupuis (in Dungeon Magazine #39 [January/February 1992, Vol. VII, No. 3, pages 32-33 and 35).

* Village of Sarsdell (from BSOLO)
Well, the location of this one is uncertain - probably it should be in Darokin at the borders of the Broken Lands, in the neighbourhood of Corunglain. But placing it in Glantri (Bramyra area or so) could be another possibility.
The indications the friend of the PC gives him on page 7 say: "Follow the Streel River east for six days, and then hike north for two. After eight days, you should be able to see that great stone lion rising from the plain", and below the module says "You cross the river by ferry and turn east to walk along the river. The great grassland of the Ethengar
Khanate stretches out ahead of you".
Now, there's no part of the Streel river along the Glantri-Ethengar border, crossing which you could find immediately within Ethengar, so probably the module skips the travel of the PC through the eastern trail passing through the Broken Land and only starts telling the story once the PC enters the steppes. This reasoning is consistent with the travel times given in the module (6 days following the streel on the trail - that is about 324 miles unencumbered and at speed x1,5 thanks to the trail - then turning north in the Kaeruts' lands and walking for additional 2 days = 6 hexes). The Lion Castle should be found in the 8-m hex above the "Gr.." of the "Sea of Grass" label in the poster map of GAZ12.

Source: Dungeons & Dragons Official Basic Solo Adventure "BSOLO - Ghost of Lion Castle" by Merle M. Rasmussen (TSR 9097, 1984, pages 7-8).

* Ruins of Corran Keep (from WotI)
These are the ruins of the (in-)famous Corran Keep from WotI, where the PCs will discover the Mirror-Shield of Rheddrian. The poster map of WotI locates the keep right within Glantri's borders, so, as the original barony centered on the keep traces its origins back to AC 821, we could think that this part of the Glantri-Darokin border was in Darokinian hands until a new border was renegotiated between the two realms some time after the Republic was founded (AC 927); such a deal could have moved south the border line, having the Corran Keep area fall under Glantrian authority.

Source: Poster map and "Immortals' Fury" Adventure Booklet, in Dungeons & Dragons Game Accessory "Wrath of the Immortals" by Aaron Allston (TSR 1982, 1992).

* Ruins of Torkyn Fall (from Dragonlord Trilogy)
Torkyn Fall was a gnomish city likely founded after the kobolds' invasion of Falun Caverns by the gnomes. It seems to be the largest and richer of many gnomish cities of the time around AC 500 (when the novel "Dragonlord of Mystara" is set). The city was probably located just south of the Three Fires Volcanoes area, as it's said in the novel that the peaks of the three volcanic cones rise behind Torkyn Peak, the mountain inside which the city was built. The city went in ruin after the events of the novel and probably it's still ruined in AC 1000 becouse of the volcanic activity of the area.

Source: Novel "Dragonlord of Mystara" by Thorarinn Gunnarson (1994).

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:36 am
by multizar
Thorf, a question, are you planning on doing an updated version of the Glantri map with the other countries? I noticed that the Broken Lands look a little bland :D . I know its a replica, but are you going to do an updated version?

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:57 am
by Thorf
multizar wrote:Thorf, a question, are you planning on doing an updated version of the Glantri map with the other countries? I noticed that the Broken Lands look a little bland :D . I know its a replica, but are you going to do an updated version?
Yep - it's number one on all of my to do lists, in fact. :) People have been asking me to make maps including neighbouring countries for years, but to do that I first want to make sure that each country's map is completely finished. Otherwise, if we find a mistake I'll have to go and correct it on every instance of that map.

The process goes like this: first, I'll finish making all the replica maps for an area. I do this by adapting the updated maps that I have already made - sort of like regressing them to a previous age. During this process, any mistakes become really obvious, so I fix them on all the relevant maps.

Next, when all the replicas are done, I paste the PNG files into the updated map Illutrator file for reference, and try to create a hybrid version, combining all the best elements from each official map. In some cases this is very simple, with only one or two maps to work from, but in others it can involve as many as 10 maps (the Known World at 24 miles per hex, for example), including maps of different scales. I also have to consider the history of the maps, which basically means the order they were developed in, and their original purpose.

When all of this is done, I'll have a finished map for that country. Of course, doing this for all the neighbouring countries as well can take a long time. In this particular case, Glantri doesn't have too many source maps - GAZ3, TM1, the Rules Cyclopedia, Glantri: Kingdom of Magic, and probably some Poor Wizard's Almanac maps, most of which are about the same. But the size and shape of the country means that I also need to do the Broken Lands, Ethengar, Darokin, and Rockhome, as well as at least parts of Heldann, Wendar, the Adri Varma Plateau and Sind.

In short: it might take a while, but I'll get there eventually. In the meantime, enjoy the replicas!

Edit: I forgot to mention the stage of searching through all the official sources for details to add to the maps. Thankfully, Zendrolion, OldDawg and others are providing me with some wonderful help there!

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:24 am
by LoZompatore
What about adding some info from the PC4 small-scale map detailing the Principality of Morlay-Malinbois? Maybe it is possible to add the most prominent landmarks and settlements without crowding too much the area...

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:31 pm
by Almaric

Are you planning a 1010AC version of the Glantri map with the crater ?


Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:07 pm
by Thorf
Sorry, I've been neglecting this thread. I am indeed intending to add stuff from the PC4 map, although I have a feeling that not much will fit.

And the 1010 AC map is definitely on my list. I really should get to it ASAP, everyone keeps asking me about it. ;)

Update: I corrected a missing caption (Lake Amsorak) in both replica maps, and revised the original colours map with a more accurate palette. I also uploaded both maps as PDFs.

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:42 am
by metal
Is there a set location for Torkyn Falls (gnomes)?

Just wondering..............

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 4:12 am
by Cthulhudrew
metal wrote:Is there a set location for Torkyn Falls (gnomes)?
If I'm not mistaken, it is located in the vicinity of the three volcanoes NE of Boldavia. There aren't (IIRC) any scales on the map in the Dragonlord novels, so it is kind of hard to be certain.

Torkyn Falls should be in ruins, by the events of the novels, though I personally wouldn't be too offended to see them as having been restored in the centuries since those novels took place. Gnomes shouldn't have the problems in Glantri that Dwarves and Halflings face, given their more inherently magical natures. (I also assume that they were originally founded by gnomes fleeing the Falun Caverns in the Northern Reaches, but that's never been established canonically.)

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 4:58 am
by Thorf
metal wrote:Is there a set location for Torkyn Falls (gnomes)?
I'm a little bit leery of using the Dragonlord Trilogy as 100% official sources, I must admit. Doing so tends to lend credence to their official status, which I'm not entirely sure of, given their content. On the other hand, it's probably not going to be a problem adding some details from it to the maps. Anyone who dislikes the trilogy can just ignore them, or treat them as something other than what the book describes them as.

Anyway, I agree with Cthulhudrew about the state of Torkyn Falls. It could very well have been repopulated after the story of the Dragonlord Trilogy.

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:13 pm
by Zendrolion
I think Dragonlord Trilogy makes a lot of interesting additions; it'd be a pity to use them not! Some things need to be adjusted a little - but I'd say not more than anything Mystaran has to be tweaked to be used together with something else Mystaran... ;)

Torkyn Fall should be found in the 8-m hex south or south-west of the southernmost cone of the Three Fires Volcanoes. In fact, Dragonlord of Mystara says:

... the triple - cones of the Three Fires Volcanoes as they rose just behind Torkyn Peak...

and who's speaking (Thelvyn and his group) are coming toward it from the south/south-west.

The city should have been rather large, probably in the order of 20,000-30,000 inhabitants (Thelvyn says it's larger than any surface town he's ever seen), built on eight levels and entirely underground. It's said to have about one thousand years (in AC 500), so it should likely trace its origins back to the Gnomes' flight from the Falun Caverns (BC 490-300).

About chances that the Gnomes could have repopulated the city, this seems quite unlikely according to the novel. In fact, one of the Gnomes tell Thelvyn and his fellows that the site of Torkyn Falls is quite unstable becouse of volcanic activity and earthquakes, and that they were going to abandon the place also becouse of that (not only becouse dragons were attacking the city).

Some descriptions of the city taken from the novel (citations taken by LoZompatore in the Italian MMB):

Most remarkable, at least to Thelvyn, was the fact that Torkyn Fall was larger than any aboveground town he had ever seen. There were eight complete levels and parts of three more above that, plus several more below. Each level consisted of corridors and chambers wandering through the great plateau formed by the ancient lava flows. If all the tunnels and chambers were laid out flat together, they would have covered the area of a large city.

The innermost chamber was also the largest, the great Chamber of the Fall. While the front of this chamber had been cut into a series of ledges, terraces, and long, massive ramps and bridges of stone, the back was a natural cavern of tremendous size, over three hundred feet high in the center. An underground stream emerged near the top, tumbling in a long, misty stream into a small, deep pool, which drained by some unseen tunnel below. This was Torkyn Fall itself, from which the city of the gnomes had derived its name.

"As you can see, Torkyn Fall is built inside stone that has its origins in deep flows of lava from the volcanoes of this region. We've found it easy to mine, since it is a very soft, crumbly stone, and that allowed us to build a city of chambers and passages unlike any other gnomish or dwarven city in the world. Our excavating devices have been able to eat their way through the stone as if it were cake. But the stone is also quite fragile and unstable. The blasts of fire and lightning from the dragons are shaking apart our entire mountain."
"Could your city still be saved if the dragons should abandon their attack?" Sir George asked.
Parkon shook his head slowly. "We dare not dwell here, for we realize now that we have been as fortunate as we have been shortsighted. This is indeed a volcanic region, and very unstable. If the dragons do not themselves destroy Torkyn Fall, then the inevitable earthquakes associated with volcanic activity would make this place unsafe."

Some of the tunnels to their mines led for miles into other parts of the surrounding mountains, and the mine tunnels themselves were fairly extensive after centuries of work.

"Only here in the Highlands," Sir George pointed out. "Torkyn Fall was first begun almost a thousand years ago.

"If Torkyn Fall still exists," Perrantin said dubiously. "The cities of the gnomes have been failing for some time."

"I don't know if we will ever meet again. This land has not been kind to us these past few years, with our cities falling one after another. We have strongholds in other lands, places were our race is flourishing. I think you know the place I mean."

The last two passages are rather interesting, becouse they imply that Gnomes have other cities around the KW and neighbouring lands; Torkyn Fall seems not to be the only one city of Gnomes after the fall of the Falun Caverns to the Kobolds. Moreover, gnomish minorities could have migrated to Heldann, Wendar, Darokin, Rockhome, and beyond (Norwold and Hule).

BTW, I've added Torkyn Falls to my list of additions, above. ;)

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:06 am
by Thorf
While working on the Ethengar map I found this little detail in GAZ12 that's relevant to Glantri.

Notes on GAZ12
  • Colossus Mounts - "The Colossus Mounts to the west [of Ethengar] form the border with Glantri. The clouds that constantly obscure the highest peaks make measuring their exact height impossible, but they are believed to be at least 25,000 feet high. The Colossus Mounts form an almost impenetrable barrier into the Principalities of Glantri." (GAZ12 DM's Guide page 6a)

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:51 pm
by Thorf
9 years later and I think it's really about time I got this map done and published. :D

Zendrolion provided some wonderful stuff to add to the map. Does anyone know of any other official stuff to add in here? I figure it'll be quicker for me to ask than to research it myself, given the number of Glantri experts we have in the community!

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:38 pm
by Cthulhudrew
Hm. Offhand, I know that PC4: Night Howlers has a pretty detailed map (1 mi/hex) of the "Valley of the Wolves" encompassing Morlay and Malinbois. (Which I believe you've done a replica of before; security settings at work prevent me from checking the usual places). In any event, there may be some notable sites from that map which could be included (notable mountains and mountain passes, etc.)

Regarding Daelzun's Rest, in my own campaign, I set this region (Two Lakes Vale? I forget what it's called in the module) in the forested hills to the southeast of Malinbois/northeast of Sylaire. I have to check my timeline, but I didn't set the history of Baron Elktazar nearly as far back as they suggest, either. Rather, I had him as one the many rulers in the area prior to the Light of Rad decision that excluded non-wizards from rulership. If I can find it, I'll dig up the map I made of the region (it was at 1 mi/hex, made precisely to fit with the PC4 map).

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:39 pm
by Zendrolion
I was re-reading my old notes about Corran Keep; at a more careful reading of the only source about the keep - WotI's adventure "The Prelude" - it seems unlikely it being located within Glantri, despite what WotI's 24mph map of the KW in 1004 AC shows.

In "The Prelude", in fact, the PCs travel "due north" for 12 miles on the first day from Fort Lakeside, into the Silver Sierras mountains. On the second day the number of miles traveled is not exactly known, but it's certainly lower ("The next morning, [...] the going is even worse"), and the PCs reach Corran Keep in the early morning of the third day after only on hour of further travel. So, all in all, the PCs should travel no more than 20-25 miles from Fort Lakeside. This means that Corran Keep should be found two 8-miles hexes north of Fort Lakeside, or alternatively, two hexes to the north and then one to the north-west of the Fort - in both cases, well into Darokinian borders.

This is also more consistent with the fact that the NPC who hires the PCs in the adventure, Jeddarin Corran, is laying claim on the keep as part of his inheritance - and the whole process would have been a lot more difficult and uncertain if his family's ancestral keep laid inside Glantrian borders (where laws are vastly different).

Probably WotI's 24mph map did not have enough room to feature Corran Keep within Darokin, but they felt the need to show it nonetheless since it was the starting point of the whole adventure arc, so they placed it in the Glantrian hex nearer to the actual intended location.

Some comments regarding Daelzun's Rest. On the Italian MMB years ago (more than nine... :P ) we regarded the best place for the scenario would be the Wendarian Ranges, but other locations are possible. CM8 ("The Setting", page 2) simply says:

It can be introduced into play any time the PCs are traveling overland together for more than a day’s journey, through fairly extensive rocky, forested regions. The area in which play will take place lies on a road far from large cities and at least a day’s ride from any large towns, in fairly rugged terrain that discourages travelers from casual exploration. For those campaigns set in the D&D game world introduced in the Expert Set, it is recommended that Daelzun’s Rest be located on a road somewhere in the Principalities of Glantri, at least four days’ ride from Glantri City.

Four day's ride from Glantri City means no area nearer to the capital than Leenz or Glenmoorloch northward, or than Vyonnes to the west. The map featured in the module is really small (about 2000 x 3000 yards), so it can easily be placed. It features an "overland trade route" in west-east approximate direction, where Daelzun's Rest (an inn) is located. The inn is said to be "a gathering place for local trappers, woodcutters, prospectors, and hunters".

Cthulhudrew's proposed location - to the south-east of Malinbois and north-east of Nouvelle Averoigne - is certainly a possibility. Another would be within Fausseflammes. Still another the westernmost wooded valley in the Wendarian Ranges which connects directly to Wendar to the north. Much depends, actually, on how one would like to handle the background about Baron Elktazar and his realm, which was centered there and was in place 300 years before the adventure (page 12). The area is described in this fashion (page 13):

The year is not known, but it is the thirteenth year of the Baron Elktazar’s reign, and the thirty-eighth of his life. The Baron is known as the “Axe-Lord’’ for his favorite weapon [...], and for his heraldic badge, for he has recently adopted the double-bladed axe as his own. He reigns from Moonkeep, a many-towered fortress atop a rocky crag (it is up to the DM to decide if Moonkeep has vanished entirely, is an explorable-i.e., dungeon-ruin, or still exists, perhaps under a different name, as an inhabited stronghold). His large realm contains vast forests, rocky crags, and small farms, a loyal land under the Baron’s even justice in a land of many small baronies and landholdings.

The Baron was clearly a warrior, not a wizard. Since the clerical sect active in the adventure, Those Who Watch, does not seem to be an undeground or outlawed group, on the Italian MMB we guessed the module could be placed in the Highlands before 859 AC; this would mean that Elktazar lived more or less during the 6th century AC, thus after the events of the Dragonlord Trilogy. On the other hand, placing the adventure in 1000 AC would mean that Elktazar had reigned around the time the Flaems were facing the arrival of the first colonists, or some time before that.

If Daelzun's Rest is placed in the Wendarian Ranges, the Baron's "large realm" could have extended into Wendar as well as over part of the Wendarian Range and even northern Glantri; reference to the "land of many small baronies and landholdings" could be tied either to Wendar before unification in later centuries or to a time of weakening of the central authority in the Flaem realm.

If Daelzun's Rest is placed around Nouvelle Averoigne, Elktazar's realm could have extended beyond the mountains to the Sablestone area and/or to the Nouvelle Averoigne/Valley of Wolves area before the d'Ambrevilles' arrival. In this case the "land of many small baronies etc." could only refer to the Highlands divided among Flaems and colonists, since it's unlikely the Flaem realm was divided around the time the colonists arrived.

Lastly, note that locations and characters (both dead and alive) in CM8 all have fantasy names which cannot be tied to any M-historical culture of Glantri, and can be retconned to the setting only as Alphatian or early Flaemish names.

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:37 am
by Thorf
It seems to me that if Daelzun's Rest is just a solitary inn, we don't need to decide anything here, as it wouldn't be marked on the 8 mile per hex map anyway.

Re: Outer World: Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:02 am
by Cthulhudrew
Thorf wrote:It seems to me that if Daelzun's Rest is just a solitary inn, we don't need to decide anything here, as it wouldn't be marked on the 8 mile per hex map anyway.
I think the reason we've been discussing it isn't so much just the inn, but the terrain around it that is mapped (woods and lakes). That said, the area covered on the map isn't very large- only a couple of square miles, IIRC, so it probably wouldn't make much of an impact on an 8 mile/hex map.

Re: [Outer World] Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:44 am
by Thorf
I've added Dovehold and Stekel to the map. Caramore's Llandrod is certainly viable to add, but is the name Llandrod linked in any way to Caramore? I have held off on it for now.

I've also added the ruins of Torkyn Fall.

I'm going to publish the article with the new map soon, hopefully in the next few days.

Re: [Outer World] Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:16 pm
by Thorf

Re: [Outer World] Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:22 pm
by Zendrolion
Great work, especially with the Adri Varma! :cool:

The trail between Kern and Ylourgne breaks and is misplaced in the part going out of Glantrian borders.

Also, I see you didn't placed Wood's Hollow village from Dungeon #39; did you consider it too small to be featured on the 8mph map?
Thorf wrote:Caramore's Llandrod is certainly viable to add, but is the name Llandrod linked in any way to Caramore? I have held off on it for now.
I created the name Llandrod for my campaign; I likely fashioned it from some Welsh words, but I can't remember which ones. "h'Caramore" is likely a name in the Gaelic fashion, meaning "descendant of Caramore", so "Caramore" isn't suitable as name of a place, barony or dominion.

As a final note, I wan't to be a killjoy, but... all the "villages" from GAZ3 map should actually be represented with the "town" symbol! :x :!: :shock:
They all have, in fact, more than 1,000 inhabitants...

Re: [Outer World] Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:31 pm
by Khedrac
I haven't checked any details - I mainly just wanted to say "nice work".

That said, did you look at PC4 Night Howlers to see if it adds more detail to that area?

Re: [Outer World] Glantri, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:09 pm
by Zendrolion
Thorf, I was casually casting a look at the Adri Varma part of the map: if I have understood correctly, you used the terrain types from Thibault's old map; I suppose they're mostly consistent with the WotI map.

Consider that there's also this map by Sturm, on which Omnibius' Adri Varma atlas is based; both take into account (and adapt) the Gulluvia scenario from the old B3 module. ;)