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Hollow Moon: Taurus Gnomes, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:19 am
by Chimpman

Map of the Hollow Moon, Taurus Gnomes, 8 miles per hex by John Calvin, May 2016 (Work In Progress)
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Inside Matera: The Hollow Moon by Sharon Dornhoff
Hollow Moon: Nearside, 40 miles per hex

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Thanks to: Thorfinn Tait, for providing some wonderful graphics to use in all of our mapping projects, Sharon Dornhoff for developing the setting.

Re: Hollow Moon: Taurus Gnomes, 8 miles per hex

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:21 am
by Chimpman
Excerpt from the Hollow Moon Nation Overview (compiled from Sharon's original notes):

Nation: Taurus gnomes
OW Connection: Serraine gnomes
Arrival Date: 42 AC
HM Location: Taurus Mountains

1) Tranquillitatis, though deep and coral-rich, lacks inhabitants of its own; the mysterious, shadowed citadel of Maskelyne casts a gloom across the waters, which even the gnomes of the Taurus Mounts feel little drive to investigate.

2) The wit and prankish habits of werefoxes have endeared many individual werefoxes to the eastern cities' gnomish citizens; a few are even welcome to live openly, without concealing their lycanthropy, in the gnomes' homeland in the Taurus Mounts.

3) (Intermittent sightings of a fifth, undocumented weretype -- a miniature breed of weretiger, with a reputed fondness for leaping down on its prey from great heights -- have been reported in the heart of the Taurus Mounts. However, these stories are not given credence by rational HM thinkers: the only inhabitants of the deeper Taurus highlands are gnomes, NOT lycanthropy-susceptible humans... and who ever heard of a gnomish weretiger? ;-D)

4) Matera's two-foot-long giant cockroaches are likewise regarded as vermin, but are at least put to good use as animal fodder for Rockhome lizards, peccaries, and other arthropods; their wings, if prepared through a lengthy procedure only the Taurus gnomes are able to make head or tail of, much less understand (!), can be reduced to fibres, mashed, soaked, pressed, dried, and at last converted into a serviceable substitute for paper.