[Mapping Issues] How to draw buildings on a city map quickly

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[Mapping Issues] How to draw buildings on a city map quickly

Post by Argentmantle »

Does anyone know how to rapidly put in buildings on a map like this? Right now, I'm doing each one as a separate entity.


I'm probably gonna do a different version of the map with a different layout, but I want to get the basics out of the way.
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Re: [Mapping Issues] How to draw buildings on a city map quickly

Post by Havard »

Its a good question. Depends on what kind of software you are using, but it might make sense to create a series of stock buildings and then distribute them aroud in your city?


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Re: [Mapping Issues] How to draw buildings on a city map quickly

Post by Big Mac »

If you are planning to work on lots of maps similar to this, maybe you could do something like Dyslon Logo's geomorphs.

I don't think you could do lots of recycling on the same map, without people being able to spot it. And you won't be able to recycle hero buildings, like castles, temples and so on, because these are the things that you will want to make unique (and maybe also reproduce in larger format as floorplans).

But if you could build up a library of buildings, you would get a larger and larger collection of recyclable bits, as you created more city maps.

I've heard that certain regions of Mystara have cultures that are more close to certain nations in the real-world. So if you are going to make lots of different maps, you might want to spend a bit of time looking at different real-world street plans (or Satellite photos of unmodernised cities) to see if you can grab generic sections from real-world cities that match the architectural style of your city (or cities) and then trace over them on another layer, before removing the real-stuff.
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Re: [Mapping Issues] How to draw buildings on a city map quickly

Post by Thorf »

I would go with Håvard's suggestion. It sort of looks like you're already doing that. The tricky bit will be the lighting, as you'll need to change it if you change the angle of a building. That could quickly become quite a pain.

Jonathan Roberts posted an interesting idea for how to do this a while ago on YouTube: https://youtu.be/DQL2hK2O5aA . I haven't tried it out, but it may be what you're looking for — or at least it could give you some ideas.

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[Mapping Issues] How to draw buildings on a city map quickly

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