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Historical: Known World BC 1750, 8mph

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:49 am
by Chimpman

Map of the Known World, circa BC 1750, 8 miles per hex by John Calvin, September 2011 (Work In Progress)
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1) This should be just after the first major geological event that sinks Taymora. These events will continue until BC 1720 until the final event gives us our modern shorelines.
2) The ruins of Isshum are still on this map, but they will finally disappear under the sea in BC 1720.
3) The Great Plateau is mostly crumbled at this point. It will be completely destroyed in BC 1720.
4) Taymora has broken up into three major islands. These will be broken down into the familiar Minrothad and Ierendi islands by BC 1720.
5) The destruction of the Great Plateau has changed the course of the "Streel" river as well as the shape of Lake "Amsorak". These changes in water flow have helped to create the Malpheggi swamp.
6) The river Nithia has changed the terrain in the Ylaruam region. Silting by the river has pushed the shorelines further out into the sea.
7) The Bridge of Oost has sunk, leaving Oostland island.
8) There is still quite a lot of tweaking to do on this map. I need to add BC 1750 cities, and especially focus on the new Taymoran terrain.


  1. Mystara BC 2300
  2. GazH Project
  3. Anciant Nithian Kingdom
  4. CM9: The City of Deep Swamp
Thanks to: Thorfinn Tait, for providing some wonderful graphics to use in all of our mapping projects, Hugin for his work on the GazH project, James Mishler for his early work on Ancient Nithia.

Re: Historical: Known World BC 1750, 8mph

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:34 am
by Hugin
Another great map for Mystara's history! Thanks Chimpman!

Re: Historical: Known World BC 1750, 8mph

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:50 pm
by Carillion
Well done Chimpman - that's a great map. It's also interesting to see a map of Nithia before their final demise...

Re: Historical: Known World BC 1750, 8mph

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:02 pm
by Chimpman
Thanks guys!

Here are some more facts about this time:
- Intua comes to an abrupt end as the crash of the Great Plateau destroys most of their nation. Remnants will survive to one day become the tribes of Atraughin.
- Fragments of Taymora survive, but will only survive for the next 30 years. Many of the vampire queens are overthrown and the survivors will become the Traldar.
- Urzud is wracked by civil war in the Steel Wars. Tribes will break up and leave including Loark's Great Horde and Akkila-Khan's horde.
- The Glittering Lands (led by Denwarf) replace the Shimmering Lands.
- Mordrigswerg inhabit the mountains of the Northern Realms.
- Malpheggi lizardmen dominate portions of southern Brun and the large "Ierendi" Island.

Re: Historical: Known World BC 1750, 8mph

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:10 pm
by Chimpman
I've just updated the 1750 map and added 2 ancient Blackmoorian locations (both marked with an obelisk symbol). One is in the Hidden Valley in Karameikos, and the second is on the site of Fenhold in Darokin.

Other changes include the redirection of several rivers through the center of what will be Darokin, and the formation of a small lake around Fenhold (which could either be attributed to natural causes, the opening of a gate to the plane of water - as in CM9, or a combination of both events).

Re: Historical: Known World BC 1750, 8mph

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:49 am
by Chimpman
I updated the map with Makai and Toralai labels. Many Makai would have been stranded on the large "Ierendi" island at this point - wich is probably a good thing for them as it would isolate them from their main oppressors - the Intua. There is still probably a sizable population of Taymorans on the island as well as pockets left on the mainland, but the lizardmen of Malpheggi would be making inroads onto the island soon after it was formed.