Should Blackmoor Thieves Be Different?

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Should Blackmoor Thieves Be Different?

Postby Havard » Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:10 pm

Yesterday, Secrets of Blackmoor, the facebook page for the upcoming documentary shared the story about Gary Schweitzer the man who created the Thief Class that later appeared in Supplement I: Greyhawk:
Where do Thieves come from?

We know that David Megarry was the first Thief, but Blackmoor characters are different from D&D characters.

So who invented the Thief Class? If you think it was Dave, Gary, or Rob Kuntz, you're wrong!

While in the Twin Cites we scanned just about every piece of paper we could find. We ended up with piles of stuff. Well not really as it's all electronic, but you get what we mean.

Today something just popped out at us and we thought it would be fun to share it.

These are some scans from a fanzine published in 1974. It is an issue of The Great Plains Game Players Newsletter and comes from Pete Gaylord's estate.

In it, Gary Gygax introduces an un-tested set of rules for a new class of character called: Thieves.

Most surprising is that Thieves were invented by a group of players led by Gary Schweitzer in California.

We'll post the whole fanzine as it's a nice blast to the past for many of us older gamers, and perhaps educational for newer gamers.

Have a good Gaming Weekend...


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What got me thinking was the first line about David Megarry's Thief character and how that character was different from the class Gary Schweitzer created later on. So my question is, what would the Thief class have been like if it had developed further from David Megarry's character instead? Should Blackmoorr have their own kind of Thieves that are different from the now standard D&D thief?

Now, many of the differences between these classes will probably simply be because of the fluid and constantly changing nature of the early Blackmoor rules so it would be part to translate those directly into modern D&D anyway, but perhaps if we learn more about the character, some unique traits might be gleamed from it.

Probably it would just be easier to just use the standard Thief, but it is something to think about.


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Re: Should Blackmoor Thieves Be Different?

Postby Big Mac » Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:27 pm

Is there enough material about David Megarry's character available to be able to work out how much was "rules" and how much was "theme"?
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