Anyone play The Redwood Scar?

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Anyone play The Redwood Scar?

Post by Big Mac » Tue May 22, 2018 11:27 pm

How well does The Redwood Scar fit in with the Blackmoor campaign setting?

Both the reviews on Amazon (as I write this) say that the adventure is good and easy to adapt to other campaign settings, so I'm wondering how much of this adventure ties into existing Blackmoor themes.

Does this 3rd Edition D&D book tie into any of the other 3e Blackmoor products? Is it related to any of the older Blackmoor products? Which books would you suggest using with The Redwood Scar?

How would you recommend getting the best value for money out of this adventure?

It says it is for 2nd-4th level PCs. Is it possible to foreshadow the adventure by inserting things into a 1st level adventure? What sort of things might motivate the PCs to head into that area?

How about getting value from the book, after the adventure is over?

Are there any unique locations, NPCs, magic items or spells that could continue to be used in a Blackmoor game?

What happens if the PCs don't follow the direction that the designer intended? Would you have events, in the area, continue to escalate? Would it change that area of the campaign setting? Could things get so bad that the entire area might become unusable/uninhabitable if the PCs don't eventually find a way to deal with anything they missed?
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Re: Anyone play The Redwood Scar?

Post by Yaztromo » Wed May 23, 2018 2:43 am

Hello, I am currently running the adventure as it is presented by Blackmoor MMRPG ( and I agree that it is easy and pleasurable for the GM to run and the players seem to enjoy it. However, please consider that I'm not running it with D&D as originally designed, but rather with AFF, that is faster when creating characters, lighter and easier to run.
It can be re-taylored for any fantasy campaign where the Elves are relatively few and far, in a world where the presence of the humans becomes stronger and stronger, while the Elves fade. The background story is about Elves splitting in two "parties", one willing to collaborate with Humans despite many betrayals and the other more isolationist. This overall theme can work for most fantasy worlds (if not all) and can be extended at will.
There are unique undead creatures with a forest theme, that work nicely in the game.
The hooks are quite standard, but if the characters choose not to bother, there is the risk that a big area of the forest will become inhabitable. In my experience, in these cases the best thing to do is having a NPC party doing the job and taking all the credits, while the PCs get discredited for not being true "heroes" ;)
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