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Girl Genius and the Age of the Wolf

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:32 am
by ripvanwormer
Girl Genius is a comic created by Phil Foglio, known for the long-running What's New? With Phil and Dixie cartoon in Dragon Magazine as well as other projects, and Kaja Foglio. For a while now, I've thought it might make an interesting basis for a Blackmoor campaign set some time in the future.

The comic is set in an alternate-history Europe where feuding magical/technological warlords known as Sparks kept the population in subjugation and terror until a generation ago, when the now-legendary Heterodyne Boys brought peace and stability to the continent, only to have it shattered when a mysterious foe known only as the Other shattered their castle and threatened everyone with its mind-controlled thralls. The Heterodynes managed to stop the Other, somehow, but disappeared. Order was brought back to the chaos by Klaus Wulfenbach, a ruthless dictator who had once been a companion of the Heterodynes. The comic follows the adventures of the next generation as they try to survive despite the many conspiracies and dangers confronting them, from Klaus, to a secret order trying to revive rule of the mythical Storm King, to the mysterious Other itself.

Translating this to Blackmoor:

A generation ago, the City of Blackmoor and the Andahar family were the light of the known world. Since the fall of Thonia, the continent had been in chaos, but Blackmoor's new innovations and technology, used wisely, were a stabilizing force in the region. Then came the Other. What the Other was exactly, no one knew. Popularly, it is assumed to have been the return of the Egg of Coot, which had been thought defeated centuries before. Blackmoor was left ruined, the Andahar family vanished, and the continent in more chaos than ever before. Then Baron Wulfenbach, who had been a companion of the Andahars, reappeared and began conquering vast swathes of territory from his fabulous airship, ushering in the Age of the Wolf. The PCs are lost descendants of the Andahars, their companions, and their rivals. They must make it to the ruined city of Blackmoor and its famous castle to rebuild it into something that is once again the light of the known world, avoiding the minions of Wulfenbach, conspirators who seek to rebuild the Empire of Thonia, and minions of the enigmatic Other.

Re: Girl Genius and the Age of the Wolf

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:07 am
by Dave L
I've been following this comic for ages.

I'd like to see a group try to roleplay the relationship between Agatha and Gil (so long as I wasn't playing either of them!) :)

Re: Girl Genius and the Age of the Wolf

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:58 pm
by Yaztromo
OT by the way, Phil and Kaja Foglio did great things for Magic the Gathering.