Saurials in the Hollow World?

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Saurials in the Hollow World?

Post by Havard »

Saurials are a minor race from the Forgotten Realms setting, introduced in the novel Azure Bonds by Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak. According to the FR Wiki, they are noted to not be native to Toril. IIRC they also appeared with game stats in the Complete Humanoids Handbook for AD&D.

Has anyone thought about using Saurials with the Hollow World? IMO they would seem to fit very well with the atmosphere of Mystara, especially in the Hollow World. Their origins might be linked to the Carnifex? I could see them living next to the Malpheggi Lizardmen.

What do you think?


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Re: Saurials in the Hollow World?

Post by Princess Strega »

Havard wrote:IIRC they also appeared with game stats in the Complete Humanoids Handbook for AD&D.
Indeed they did. There is also this Web Enhancement for 3E.

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Re: Saurials in the Hollow World?

Post by The Dark »

You remember correctly - they were detailed in Complete Book of Humanoids. It's noted that they're mute (actually, their voices are pitched in a range demi-human/oids can't hear), although their general emotions can be discerned from scents they emit. I think they could be tied in to Ka the Preserver, as a group of races he was working on uplifting when the Blackmoor disaster turned their tropical paradise into an arctic cold hell.

I'd actually keep them away from the Lizardmen, to keep them more distinctly different. I would either put them in the river swamps west of the Brutemen Lands, the Bakoto Swamps near Tanagoro, or the swamps at the Bay of Tlapac

All saurials get -2 to save against gas or inhaled poisons, but +2 to save against sonic attacks. They also get -1 to attack rolls with non-saurial weapons. They fall into a torpor when exposed to cold, and die after a day in the cold. They all have infravision to 60 feet.
Conveniently, each also had a favored class.
Finheads favored the fighter class, had a natural AC of 5, and have a claw/claw/tail routine for 1d3/1d3/1d2.
Hornheads are the saurial mages, with natural AC 4, and can charge for 2d6 or claw/claw/tail for 1d4/1d4/2d4. They take damage as large creatures, and cannot use spell books or scrolls written by non-saurials. They receive 4 bonus HP at first level.
Bladebacks are saurial clerics, also with natural AC 4, and have claw/claw/tail for 1d4/1d4/1d6. They also take damage as large creatures and cannot use scrolls written by non-saurials. They receive 2 bonus HP at first level.
Flyers are saurial thieves, with natural AC 6, and flight movement of 24(C). They can claw/claw/bite for 1d2/1d2/1d2.

If using ability score adjustments, Finheads have no adjustment, Hornheads are +1 Str +1 Int -2 Dex, Bladebacks are +1 Wis +1 Cha -2 Dex, and Flyers are +2 Dex -1 Str -1 Con.

Finheads and Flyers get -2 to reaction adjustments due to their strange appearance, while the combination of size and appearance for Bladebacks and Hornheads causes them to suffer a -5 to reaction adjustments (technically, they should both also receive +1 Str).

Each saurial other than the Flyer has at least one racial weapon (Flyers are cowardly and almost always fly away from combat).
Finheads have a broadsword (17 gp, 8 lbs, 1d8/1d10)
Hornheads have a staff (5 gp, 20 lbs, 2d6/2d6)
Bladebacks have both a mace (15 gp, 16 lbs, 1d8+1/1d8) and a flail (20 gp, 25 lbs, 1d8+1/2d6)

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Re: Saurials in the Hollow World?

Post by Sturm »

Indeed IMC they are Mystara natives.
In Threshold issue 5, I placed a rumor that some of their descendants are still living in Arypt, Outer World:
But I also plan to place the original culture from the remote past of Mystara in the HW, an article about that could be present in issue 9 of Threshold.
Also the Pteryx detailed in the Hollow Moon setting, see Threshold issue 2 article by Chimpman, could be related, even if they could be present only in the HM and not in the HW....
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