Empire of Bahlor

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Empire of Bahlor

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The Empire of Bahlor

Technology: Iron Age
Population: 1.600.000
Outer World Origin: Taymora, Known World (approx. Karameikos)
Location:: Southern Iciria
Languages: Taymoran
Government Type: City States

James Mishler wrote:The Empire of Bahlor is a preserved version of Taymora preserved in the Hollow World:

Somewhere along the line, someone on this board mentioned the Taymoran Empire and wondered why there was no representative of it in the Hollow World...

Well... actually, there is. Taymor has been my pet project for some time now, and of course I had to place it in the Hollow World. The only problem that I had to overcome was the fact that Taymor was ruled by Nosferatu, creatures of the Night... and of course, as there is no night in the Hollow World, there were some difficulties in translation. I will eventually get around in the weeks ahead to post details on the HW Taymoran Empire, called the Bahlor Empire, in a gazetteer format, along with details of history, geography and such...

Suffice to say for now that the Empire of Bahlor is subtly different from it's antecedent due to the necessities brought on by the nature of it's rulers... but the general culture of the populace remains much the same, which is where the real meat of the nation lies... pun intended :)

As the name might suggest, the Empire of Bahlor is found in the Gulf of Bahl, in the Sea of Yr, across the Bahl Massif from the Milenian Empire. The core City-States lie in the Mountains of Shadow, on the peninsula that juts out into the Sea of Yr. Many of the mountains are actually floating islands, beneath which can be found the City States of the Necromancer Kings, in their Land of Eternal Night (thus the "Mountains of Shadow")!
Source: http://www.pandius.com/taymorhw.html

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