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HWR3 Usefulness for Traldar (HW) and Karameikos characters?

Posted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:45 pm
by Havard
HWR3 the Milenian Empire offers many rules options as well as setting information about that region and culture. However, given that the Traldar of the Hollow World and the Traladarans of Karameikos are closely related to the people of the Milenian Empire, are there things from the HWR book that you would also use in a campaign set in Hollow World's Traldar Kingdoms or the Outer World's Karameikos?

I'm going to focus on some of the rules stuff:

Appraising, Etiquette, Forgery: I was a little surprised that these skills were not in the RC. Should be available everywhere.
Boxing, Pankration, Wrestling: This seems like a way of trying to get to spend skill slots to gain free Weapon Mastery. I am not a fan of that idea. On the other hand I do like that there are special rules for specific Milenian Unarmed combat. I think these could easily be available in related cultures elsewhere.
Chariot Combat, Chariot Driving: I am not sure we need two separate skills for these, but I do like specific rules for Chariot related activities. I also think these could be allowed for M-Celtic cultures like Robrenn or the Isle of Dawn.
Diskos Throwing: It makes sense to have rules for this sport in this gazetteer, but why make it a separate skill? Seems like it could also be allowed for the Traldar Kingdoms?
Jumping, Running, Oration, Seamanship: I feel like these are already covered by skills with other names in the RC.
Knot Tying: This should be covered by Seamanship, Profession: Sailor (from the RC) and/ or Escape (also in the RC).

Cuirboil, Leather. I think both of these could be available to related cultures.
Round Shield: In terms of rules this is just a regular shield.
Flange Mace: No idea how widespread this might be?
Javelin Thrower: This should be available elsewhere. Similar to the Atlatl
Needle Dagger: Not sure about this one, but seems like something that the Traldar Kingdoms might have too?
Sun Bolt: This I might restrict to Milenians proper.

Clerics of Halav
Clerics of Matera
Clerics of Petra
Clerics of Protius
Griffon Riders
Clerics of Zargos (DM's Section)
Sorcerers of Zargos (DM's Section)

The above are a kind of Kits. I have mixed feelings about this concept in BECMI and I would probably want to revise them a bit. Clerics of Halav and Petra might be the same in the Traldar Kingdoms?

What do you think? :)


Re: HWR3 Usefulness for Traldar (HW) and Karameikos characte

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 1:17 pm
by agathokles
Chariot Combat and Chariot Riding are reasonable if you consider that you can't drive and fight at the same time. It should be available to Traldar as well (even more than to Milenians, actually). I also agree with allowing Clerics of Petra and Halav in the Traldar lands.