[Shajapur] [Sind] Jungle Book Riff

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[Shajapur] [Sind] Jungle Book Riff

Post by Havard » Tue May 22, 2018 10:19 pm

Watching the trailer for Andy Serkiss' Mowgli movie made me think about making a campaign set in Mystara loosely based on the Jungle Book.

One idea could be to have Mowgli be the human fighter of the group and the animals be Pookas. I am wondering if Pookas is the way to go though or if there could be some other way to model intelligent animals in D&D. Pookas have so many other weird powers especially in the higher levels.

The campaign would not need to follow the story of the novel. I could see them taking on the Bandar-log and Shere Khan, but I also think more traditional D&D style adventures could be interesting. Lost temples in the jungle would be fun, or even have the animals go up against human villages, especially if the villagers are controlled by evil kults, Temple of Doom-style.



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Re: [Shajapur] [Sind] Jungle Book Riff

Post by Sturm » Wed May 23, 2018 10:07 am

Good idea. Shere-khan and Bagheera could also work as rakasta and Mowgli wolves family as lupins or gnolls. This way you could also easily place the story in the Great Waste or the Savage Coast or even in Skothar...

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