WotES Character Creation Stats

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WotES Character Creation Stats

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Since I'm me and noone else seems to have done this yet, I took the time to go thru all the pre-determined stats sets in WotES that players can choose for their party.....all 9,573 of them. Yep, you read that number correctly. If you add in the 4 default party stats, that nets you 9,577. One by one, I clicked thru and took screenshots of all of them. Afterwards, I took them in sets of 100 screenshots (in order that they appear in creation) and made them into pdfs.......96 to be precise. I then uploaded all of those pdfs into a single folder and now present the link to that folder: (the folder is 2.95 GB)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yTyQq ... wE1qbCPidK

Noone should ever be able to claim they don't have time to whip up stats and flesh out an NPC or PC ever again.

*Fixed an issue with PDF #7101 - #7200*
**Fixed and issue with PDF #9001 - #9100*
[The gap on page 36 of pdf #9501 - #9573 is NOT a mistake. The gap appeared because I insisted on placing all four of the default party at in order, rather than alphabetically by character name.]

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