Red Curse Areas of Effect pre and post WOTI

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Red Curse Areas of Effect pre and post WOTI

Post by EricJones »

Guys, one thing you may be able to help me with and its one question I have searched long and hard for an answer for.

In terms of map / geographical area and relating these to the maps, what are the areas of effect for the red curse before and after WOTI (when the herath magic holding the curse area from spreading was broken) and what are the areas of "The Haze" before and after WOTI? it would be nice to see some sort of map overlay detailing which areas are effected and which are not pre and post WOTI.

However in the short term if anyone can answer the question I would be very happy as this will save me several more sleepless nights :D

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Re: Red Curse Areas of Effect pre and post WOTI

Post by agathokles »

The area of the Haze is unchanged, AFAIK. The red curse was only active in parts of the Terra Vermelha and the gnoll lands south of Saragon. Of course, there were probably other small areas affected here and there along the coast, but no one lived there or remained within a cursed region for a week.


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Re: Red Curse Areas of Effect pre and post WOTI

Post by Havard »

Slightly off topic, but I like the idea presented by Travis(?) about the Red Curse eventually spreading to cover the entire world, although not affecting everyone, its effects only altering individuals here and there (read: PCs).


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