Savage Coast Realms & Neighbouring Lands

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Savage Coast Realms & Neighbouring Lands

Post by Havard » Mon Aug 13, 2018 4:20 pm

Savage Baronies
  • Cimmaron County
  • Estado the Almaron
  • Baronia de Gargonia
  • Estado the Guadalante
  • Baronia de Saragon
  • Baronia de Navarez
  • Estado the Texeiras
  • Baronia de Torreon
  • Domino de Villaverde
Robrenn and Eusdria
  • Robrenn
  • Eusdria
Animal Kingdoms
  • Bellayne
  • Herath
  • Renardy
  • Tortle Lands
Lizard Kingdoms
  • Ator
  • Shazak
  • Cay
Orc's Head Peninsula
  • Wallara
  • Jibaru
  • Dark Jungle Orcs
  • Nimmur
Hule and the City States
  • Nova Svoga
  • Slagovich
  • Zagora
  • Hule
Northern Grasslands
  • Yazak Steppes
  • Dravish Steppes
Immortals Arm
  • Aeryl
  • Eshu
  • Gombar
  • Suma'a
  • Koll*
*=Noncanonical placement suggested by LoZompatore

Endworld Line Mountains*
  • White Mountains
  • Koralgesh
  • Vinyard
*=Noncanonical placement suggested by LoZompatore

Above I have tried to include every realm covered on the Savage Coast maps. The exact borders of the Savage Coast may be debated. Some of the headings such as the Animal Kingdoms are AFAIK not official, but things I have seen by fans before. I will fix diacritics for the Savage Baronies later. What to you think of the way these have been organized? Do you see anything missing from the list? Do you think any of the realms should be removed from this list?


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Re: Savage Coast Realms & Neighbouring Lands

Post by Cthulhudrew » Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:17 pm

I've never much cared for the "animal kingdoms" moniker, frankly. For one thing, lizards are technically animals, so shouldn't they fall under that heading (not to mention humans)? And crocodiles and caimans are not lizards, though they are reptiles, but so are turtles? And arachnids are also technically animals, but the Herathians are not outwardly (nor openly) arachnoids in any event, so why should they not just be grouped with the other "human" nations? (Yes, I just don't like the so-called "Animal Kingdoms" :P )

I think you're missing a couple of City-States up there; Hojah is one I recall offhand. Also Zvornik.

I'm not familiar with Koll, Vinyard, or White Mountains, though Koralgesh sounds familiar. Is they also from one of the Dungeon Magazine issues?
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Re: Savage Coast Realms & Neighbouring Lands

Post by Patrick » Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:21 am

I agree that "animal kingdoms" is awkward. I think Hule, Herath, Robrenn, Eusdria, Bellayne, and Renardy are big enough that they don't need to be "grouped" under any sub-headings. I'm not sure whether the humanoids between Robrenn and the Savage Baronies are considered "Yazak," but "Northern Grasslands" doesn't seem to fit for them. And what of the various colonies/breakaway former colonies of the Savage Baronies?

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