The Temple of Poseidon

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The Temple of Poseidon

Post by Big Mac » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:59 pm

Over in the Creature Catalogue forums on ENWorld, Cleon is trying to convert Priest of Ythog-Nthlei which are monsters from The Temple of Poseidon by Paul Reiche III from AD&D to 3rd Edition.

Cleon was saying that he thought they should have some sort of clerical ability (perhaps one that has been spent on the ritual they are engaged in, during the adventure. I had a look at Auld Dragon's Monster Mythology Update Project topic, to see if he had mentioned them, but they are not there.

So I pulled out Dragon Magazine 46, to see what I could find out about their relgion and it seems like they might come from outer space according to this message:
Dragon Magazine 46 wrote:“During the ninth rotation of our galactic cluster in this the 34321st year of our Master’s reign, we, the remaining children of the Great Lord Ythog-Nthlei do hereby register and sanctify this, our Holy Base. From these divine depths we shall build and grow until we have enough strength to release our Father, Zoth Ommog, from his imprisonment beyond the curtain of time.”
I couldn't find much about Ythog-Nthlei, but it seems that their "Father" is some sort of creature from The Xothic Legend Cycle, by Lin Carter and the creature in those books is supposd to have come from a binary star-system, called Xoth. I'm not sure if Paul Reiche III's creature is supposed to be exactly the same as Lin Carter's creature. But Paul did say he was inspired by Cthulhu in the introduction.

Has anyone used this adventure? How did you use it? Did you use it with a TSR campaign setting or run it as a Cthulhu adventure?

Are there any other adventures that were written to fit with this one?
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Re: The Temple of Poseidon

Post by genghisdon » Tue Jun 13, 2017 1:16 am

I can finish/tweak the conversion for you, if you like. 3e or 3.5e? The great old one type monster as well.

I've never used it. Dragon 45 was slightly before I started getting dragon magazine. I hear it mentioned every so often though. Other adventures? Not that I am specifically aware if, but any Lovecraftian D&D one would seem to fit. Temple of Poseidon is the only "article" Reiche ever had in Dragon magazine. He emntions beign a pal of Erol Otus, and that he worked for TSR though, and the stuff he worked on includes very cool stuff (what exactly is his, I cannot say)

yeah, those seem up his alley

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