How easy is it to convert Thieves World to 1e AD&D?

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How easy is it to convert Thieves World to 1e AD&D?

Postby Big Mac » Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:41 pm

Over in my What is the most obsure D&D campaign setting? topic, Timemrick mentioned that the Chaosum Thieves World boxed set, published in 1981, included rules for using Thieves World with a number of different rulesets, including AD&D.

Has anyone ever run a 1e Thieves World campaign? Aside from the Chaosum boxed set, is there anything else published for 1st Edition?

How easy is it to convert the various other Thieves World products to 1e stats?

Is there anyone out there who has created fanon material for Thieves World that is AD&D compatible?
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