TSR Jam 1999

Published 1989.
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TSR Jam 1999

Post by Havard »


This collection contained seven adventures, each set in a different TSR setting:
  • Vale of the Dragon Oracle (Forgotten Realms)
  • The Return of the Pick-Axe (Greyhawk)
  • Blood Feud (illithiad Setting) - Possible connection to Spelljammer discussed here.
  • The Maxome Foe (Planescape)
  • In the Heart's Final Beat (Ravenloft)
  • Leviathan's Deep (Dragonlance: Fifth Age) - Discussed here.
  • Folds in the Tapestry (Alternity)
All of these adventures had previously been distributed individually through the Adventurer's Guild series.

Anyone played any of these adventures? What's your general opinion about this book? Sort of disappointed that they left out Mystara (again).

Edit: Sean K Reynolds wrote an anecdote about TSR Jam here.

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Re: TSR Jam 1999

Post by RobJN »

Huh... an Alternity adventure I haven't heard much about. Now I'll have to read up on it....
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Re: TSR Jam 1999

Post by apotheot »

I have run all of those with their corresponding adventures (where applicable) except Leviathan's Deep (Upcoming as I am retro-converting the SAGA system back to AD&D 2nd)

Some are much better than others. My players LOVED The Manxome Foe, Hated (in a good way) The Hearts Final Beat, and Hated (in a bad way) Vale of the Dragon Oracle.

For those fans of Alternity, a remake of the system has been announced: http://www.sasquatchgamestudio.com/products/alternity/

Though it seems to have divorced itself from the interesting Stardrive or Dark Matter setting. :(


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Re: TSR Jam 1999

Post by thorr-kan »

apotheot wrote:Though it seems to have divorced itself from the interesting Stardrive or Dark Matter setting. :(

They may not have access to either. Dark*Matter was released by WotC as a d20 Modern sourcebook. (So pretty...with a freaky glow in the dark cover; just about lost bladder control the first time I realized that.) I know Wolfgang Baur wrote the materials but does not own it; it's WotC's property.

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Re: TSR Jam 1999

Post by zontoxira »

I once ran the first three adventures. Blood Feud went smoothly, but the other two (Vale of the Dragon Oracle and The Return of the Pick-Axe) were disastrous and quickly ended up as TPKs. The dwarven clockwork from the latter still lingers in our memory, one-shotting half the group, while the rest didn't make it through the nasty traps and puzzles.
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