[Glantri] Less Known NPCs from G:KoM

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[Glantri] Less Known NPCs from G:KoM

Postby Havard » Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:26 am

Glantri: Kingdom of Magic does something I often miss from other Mystara sources. It namedrops a bunch of NPCs. It is frustrating when you know about events or actions caused by an individual, but when fans are left to make up a name for that character ourselves. I have gone through G: KoM trying to list as many of these names that I could. I have left out NPCs that were part of the major Noble families since I have assumed that these are for the most part taken from Gaz3 or covered in other sources like the PWA series.

One character I would like to draw attention to is Danira Voshane who may have become an Immortal through the use of the Radience. Did she attain this level of master after Etienne's disappearance? Is she a new Immortal? Or did she simply perish.

Are there other characters here you think we could do something interesting with?


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Re: [Glantri] Less Known NPCs from G:KoM

Postby Robin » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:55 pm

There are more
The teachers of the GSM as mentioned in the Test of Darkness Module'
Harald Haaskins Grand Master after 1010 AC ♂
Faculty Administrator Uerd al'Aras ♂
Master of Admissions Angan Forrestir♂
Student administrator; Marisi Viniene ♀
Laboratory Administrator; Tobol Vlarostk♂
Master of Enchantment Inguin diCorenveni♀
Master Transmutation; Tarisol Lightfellow♂
Master of Necromancy Bertok Gam♂
Master conjuration; Marchesia Philipe♀
Master Evocation; Derghov Loeten♂
Master Illusions: LaVeron Chonere♀
Master Divinations: Wilhelm Bhes♂
Master Abjurations; Rhogene Zelipieti♀
These were also mentioned by autagraph on the Glantri School Diplome in the D&D Player Survival set.

Collend Hedjin Mercenary Wizard 2 TOD

Then there are
Thanrae Syclo 5th lvl human wizard (killed by Yriss Guth in 1011-1013 AC as per test of Darkness adventure)♂
Yriss Ghuth 12th level wizard (unmasked by PC'sas per test of Darkness adventure) ♀
Runther (Evil Henchman Yriss Ghuth)2nd level wizard♂ as per test of Darkness adventure)
Pelepe 2nd level fighter♂ defeated by PC's as per test of Darkness adventure)
Tannish 1st level fighter♂ defeated by pc's as per test of Darkness adventure)
Zairadon♂, a Lammasu (freed by PC's as per test of Darkness adventure)

From the GKoM sheets
Rat Problem
Podaris builder Tower♂Podaris children sold the tower
Ligeire 7th level wizard 22 year owner tower♂ (and family; wife Verise♀, child deidre♀)
Carrle♂ servant Ligeire (bitten by rat
Hectit♂? Servant Ligeire (killed by rats)
Rat King wererat ♂ (defeated by PC's)

Tomb Of Varth Ignol
Varth Ignol♂?? last owner tower (Flaemish before principalities began)

Dust of the Crater
Sathres Rotterdam♀ brown haired late twenties half elf
Yriig♂ 6th level orc witch doctor (6th priest/3rd wizard)

Travel Journal Dar Inberlon
Dar inberlon traveller♂ from darokin

A wizard's back is always turned
Marcella Londessi ♀ black haired middle aged sorceress hoping to become high mistress water elementalism..now 3rd circle 10th lvl
Halvat Dovenseil♂ another member opponent to Marcella, 10th lvl, epitome of aalbaneese society

for love, not money
Farthom Gillian boatman isoile river♂ afair with Ramona
Ramona McCallis♀ wife of Willarth
Willarth♂ 14th level wizard
Nagaul Arett Bandit leader♂ 13th lvl fighter
Thrug ♂ nagaul henchmen Hill giant

Temple Takeover
Chath Restoun♂ 14t lvl wizard/high shepherd of Rad
Kirrad Rehim ♂7th level wizard young Bramyran man Chath assistant
L'vethian ♂Mindflayer (alien intruder)
Nillas diNietha♂ 4th level Wizard; Controlled by Mindflayer may have been defeated by PC
Ratune Cerou ♂3rd level wizard ; Controlled by Mindflayer may have been defeated by PC

GKoM book
Joshuan Gallidox ♂ halfling adventurer also mentioned in wizard almanac4 page 4
Heret Ghuldaur♂ Official Historian of the principalities of Glantri♂ page 8
Milo Phintle ♂ "acquirer of magical items page 68
Ratibus♂ artist depicting Beggar King making few pieces♂ 78

Autograph name; Miller; artist became mad by visiting Demiplane of Nightmares with Jherek, made more pieces 109
Faeeren Territh♂ Instructor at the GSM 122

You made a typo by the way
Adelfeder is the pegasus of Jaggar (this means Honorary feather of feather with honor, or feather of the upper class i.e.; Adel)
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Re: [Glantri] Less Known NPCs from G:KoM

Postby Cthulhudrew » Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:22 am

I don't know offhand if any of them have specifically been developed, but you may want to check out the (saved) version of the old Glantrian Personnel Division website. A lot of lesser known Glantrian NPCs were expanded upon by that group, many moons ago (I worked with them, too, but the body of work everyone else did put me to shame, so I don't know if I count as one of the GPD. :lol: )
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