M2SOLO Invisible Ink Text

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M2SOLO Invisible Ink Text

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I don't think this has been posted here yet. Since MSOLO2 was just relesead as POD, I figured this text from the Invisible Ink pages would be useful. Thankfully someone posted those over at the Acaeum:
Acaeum wrote:2A: The walls are wet from surface water trickling down into the maze. No danger is here. Continue.
2B: You pass on down the corridor.

3A: A white-hot bolt of power arches out of the shrine and seeks you out; you take 7 points of damage. Go to 3C.
3B: The statue rests on a circular brass plate inscribed with runes and symbols of great power, which indicate a trap. It will be difficult to remove the statue without setting off the trap. You may still attempt to remove the statue (3D), or return up the corridor.
3C: You have the golden statuette, worth 1000gp back in Cathos City. Return the way you came.
3D: If you have cast a FIND TRAPS spell that is still working, or if you successfully use your remove traps ability, go to 3C. Otherwise go to 3A.

4A: The giant seems to have been an animated statue, but his joints have long since rusted solid. He is no threat to you, and you may pass easily.
4B: You pass by the armored giant. He makes no move to stop you.

5A: You find some 20gp scattered in the rubble. However, your search has disturbed a giant grey-furred hunting spider (AC 8, HD 2, hp 12, MV 120[40], #AT 1, D 1-6, Save F2, ML 8, AL N) hiding in the rubble. This spider is not poisonous, but will follow any creature that flees. Go to Combat Entry C1.

6C: If the spell you have cast is a KNOCK spell, go to 6E. If it is any form of damage spell, go to 6F. Any other spell goes off without any effect on the chest: return to 6A and choose again.
6E: The chest opens to reveal a large glass jug filled with a yellow ooze that is moving on its own. On top of this jug is a silver circlet set with a large ruby. You may take the circlet and leave (6G), or open the jug (6H).
6F: You have broken the lock. You may open the chest (6I), wait for a moment before doing anything (6J), or leave.
6H: You unstop the jug and the thick yellow ooze flows out. It attacks you at once. Go to 6K.
6I: You open the broken chest to reveal pieces of a glass jug resting in a pool of yellow ooze. Floating in the center of this ooze is a silver circlet set with a red stone. The ooze begins to creep up the sides of the chest. Go to 6K.
6J: As you watch, a thick yellow slime oozes through the cracks of the damaged chest. You may retreat from the room before it comes near you, or go to 6K if you want to fight it.
6K: The creature is a small ochre jelly (AC 8, HD 2, hp 10, # AT 1, D 1-6, MV 30[10], Save F3, ML 12, AL N). It will not divide if struck by your weapon, nor will it take damage from these attacks. Go to Combat Entry C2. The creature will not pursue you if you run away. If you defeat the ochre jelly, go to 6L.
6L: Congratulations! You have defeated an ochre jelly. Inside the chest you find broken glass from the jug that held the monster, and a fine silver circlet set with a large red gem. Go to 6G.

7: Answer: A Wheel

8: Answer: The Princess

9A: You pass without any trouble
9B: Trap! You are hit by a crossbow bolt fired from a hidden trap in the doorway. You take 2 points of damage from the bolt, unless you are protected by a spell or by your Detect Traps ability. Go to 9C if entering the room. Otherwise take the corridor south.
9D: The pool is rust-colored water, bitter but harmless. Leave by the south (9B) or the east (9A).

10C: This is a fountain of healing! You may drink only once from this fountain, and regain 10 lost hit points. Leave by any passage.

11A: Go to Combat Entry C5 to fight the chimera. Should you defeat the creature, go to 11B if you have the princess with you. Otherwise go to 11C.
11B: You and the princess pass through the crumbling opening, finding yourselves just above the cove where Ahmadi has hidden his boat. You make your way down the hillside; the boatman, seeing your approach, joyfully raises a white sail as he prepares to take you to Cathos. Congratulations! You have defeated the Maze of the Riddling Minotaur!
11C: Congratulations! You have found a way out of the Maze of the Riddling Minotaur, but you have not discovered the prison of the princess Lydora. Remembering the king�s statement, �Return with the princess, or return not at all,� you once more go down into the maze, now knowing that you have a way of safe escape.

13A: You notice the back of the statue is open, and that inside it is filled with springs, counterweights, and a trigger that releases the statue�s arms. You may disarm the statue easily (unless it has been triggered already) and pass on.
13B: As you pass, one of the statue�s arms lashes out at you; take 4 points of damage. You may fight the statue (13C) or flee in either direction.
13C: Choose your attack or spells, then reveal 13D.
13D: After attacking one round, you realize the statue is not fighting back. You may investigate (13A) or pass on.

14A: The sacrol is here as well, hovering over the urn, chanting a spell in his rasping voice. The skeletons slowly come to life and rise from their fallen position. The sacrol commands them to attack; then it charges at you. Go to 14C.
14B: The skeletons are inanimate. Should you open the urn, go to 14D.
14C: The sacrol does not attack, but brushes past you and tries to escape to the east. The two minotaur skeletons (AC 7, HD 1, hp 7,8, MV 60�[20], #AT 1, D 1-6, Save F1, ML 12, AL C) attack you. You may take a free hit on the sacrol as it passes; the skeletons will attack until they are defeated. Go to Combat Entry C6 for combat. If you defeat or drive off the sacrol and skeletons, go to 14D.
14D: You open the urn to discover some 2000cp inside. The stopper, however, is worth 200gp.

18A: You move slowly to the bed and draw back its curtains. A young, dark-haired maiden, thin from captivity and dressed in a simple white dress, is crying into a pillow. She realizes she is not alone, and rises suddenly, watching you through tear-streaked eyes. �Who are you?� she gasps.

Carefully, slowly, you explain your mission to the princess, and your adventures so far. Lydora replies, �Oh thank you, brave champion. I had all but given up hope. I have tried to escape, but to no avail. I fear I know little of the maze, for I was brought in blindfolded. I do know that the air is fresher near the entrances.�

The princess (AC9, hp 4, MV 60, Save NM, ML 11, AL L) is badly tired by her captivity, and is of no use in combat. Still, she says she will help as she can, and follow you out of the maze.

20: Answer: A Nest

21A: As you flee, the red minotaur skull, moving incredibly fast, cuts you off. �Fool!� it shouts, �There is no escape!� You have no choice but to fight the creature: go to 21B.
21B: The floating skull is a sacrol (AC 5, HD 8, hp 50, MV 240[80], # AT 1, D 2-8 level drain on first hit, Save F8, ML 12, AL C) of the dead minotaurs of the maze. Go to Combat Entry C8 for combat. The first time the sacrol hits refer to 21C.
21C: One of the icy fog-coils snakes around your throat. One life level drains from your body. The sacrol cannot drain you again, but it will hit automatically every round from here on. Ignore the Armor Class Entry in the Monster Combat Entry and record only damage.
21D: The sacrol breaks away from you, shouting, �I shall not be defeated by the likes of you, stripling! You have won this round, but be warned, I retreat now to summon my unearthly legions!� The creature moves off to the west. You may make one free attack, at +2 to hit, as it retreats.

22A: The statue is of a graceful elf, holding a bow and dressed as no elf has been dressed for hundreds of years.
22B: You leave the room. The statue makes no other threats.

23A: The black water bubbles and steams, giving off a sour smell. You may drink (23B), pass on (23C), or retreat the way you came.
23B: You drink from the fountain and discover it holds only bad tasting water. You may pass on (23C) or retreat the way you came.
23C: You pass on without incident.

25A: You take 5 points of damage from intense heat as you and the salamander close. Go to Combat Entry C9 for the battle. You may retreat any time, take an attack from behind, then go to 25B. Should you defeat the flame salamander, go to 25C.
25B: You take five points of damage as you retreat down the ladder. You hear the door slam above you, and the click of a lock.
25C: You find nothing in the cavern other than the salamander and the heated rocks.
26A: The creatures attack, go to Combat Entry C10. If you defeat them, go to 26C.
26B: As you wait, the creatures close and have a free round to hit you. Go to Combat Entry C10. If you defeat them go to 26C.
26C: You defeat the two minotaur golems, and search the room. A beaker filled with diamond powder worth 200gp sits on one corner of the lab table. You find the exits have been locked and bolted against you, and that there is no other way out of this room. Return to 16 and choose another passage.

27A: You flee the evil creature. He does not follow, but you know he will be ready for you should you return.
27B: The creature is a zombie-minotaur (AC 5, HD 3, hp 14, MV 120[30], #AT 1, D 1-8, Save F1, ML 12, AL C). Go to Combat Entry C11. If you defeat the zombie-minotaur, go to 27C.
27C: Only rot and debris are in this room. You may leave by either exit.

29A: You haul the wooden chest out from beneath the tapestry. You may open the chest (29B), or return the way you came.
29B: Trap! Go to 29C if you were able to detect traps or if you are protected by a FIND TRAPS spell. Otherwise go to 29D.
29C: You deactivate the trap, a small magical explosive that melts in your hand as you remove it. You find some one hundred gems laid in velvet in the chest. In Cathos City, the gems are worth 50 gp each, and the velvet is worth 100gp.
29D: The room fills with a pretty tune as a music box begins to play a tinny melody. You may look for and remove the music box (29E), wait for the tune to finish (29F), or retreat back up the corridor (29G).
29E: You find the box, but as you remove it, the tune stops and the box explodes; take 7 point of damage. Go to 29C, but the velvet listed there is worthless.
29F: The song finishes and the box explodes; you take 7 points of damage. Go to 29C, but the velvet listed there is shredded and worthless.
29G: You retreat back up the corridor a few paces. The song finishes and the box explodes, scattering gems and tattered velvet everywhere. Go to 29C, but the velvet listed there is now worthless.

30A: The statue is harmless. You may leave by the east (30B) or south (30C) passage.
30B: You leave the room. Ahead you smell the stuffy odor of rotting fabric and wood. You may go on.
30C: As you leave the room, you feel a soft breeze on your face, carrying the smell of the sea. You may go on.

34A: The bottom of the fountain is covered by dry leaves and other debris. If you decide to move the leaves aside, go to 34B, otherwise, leave by one of the three exits.
34B: You stir the debris looking for treasure, breaking open a bees� nest hidden in the debris. The insect swarm (AC 7, HD 3, hp 8, MV 30[10], #AT 1, D 2 points; Save NM, ML 11, AL N) will not pursue, but will attack all who enter this square. Go to Combat Entry C12 for the attacks. You may flee by any passage, but the bees will remain and attack any who reenter the square.
35A: In the debris scattered about the base of the altar you find one of the gemstone eyes of the shrine; a huge topaz worth about 5000gp back in Cathos City.

36A: The growth that covers the armor is not yellow mold, but a harmless fungus that resembles it. You may remove the skeleton without penalty. If you choose to put on the armor, go to 36C.
36B: You remove the plate mail from the skeleton, raising a cloud of dust and fungus spores as you do so. You do not take damage from the fungus. Should you choose to put on the armor, go to 36C.
36C: The armor is plate +1. If you can use the armor (and if you want to use it), adjust your armor class and go on.

37A: Your searching is interrupted by a low chuckle. You turn to see the red skull of the sacrol in the doorway, flanked by a pair of zombie-minotaurs (AC5, HD 3, hp 10, 18, MV 120[40], #AT 1, D 1-8, Save F1, ML 12, AL c). �Fool!� the sacrol exclaims, �You should have run away when you could. Now it is too late.� The zombie-minotaurs stagger towards you. You must defeat the sacrol and the zombie-minotaurs to leave the room. T he sacrol will not attack until both zombies are slain, and the sacrol�s first successful hit will drain 1 life level. Go to Combat Entry C13.

39A: You touch the wall and pull your finger back quickly, burned by the powerful acid dripping down the wall. Should you decide to cross to the box, go to 39B but halve all damage you suffer � you have been warned and will be able to shield yourself in part.
39B: You cross the room as drops of liquid fall on you and splash at your feet. Where the acid touches bare skin, it does 4 points of damage, and will do two more points for every round (or entry) you remain in the room. You may continue to the box (39C), or retreat from the room with no further damage.
39C: The box is locked. It will take one round to open it, and two rounds to drag it from the room. Make your choice, take the appropriate damage, and go to 39D.
39D: The box is filled with rusting and acid-eaten swords and armor. These items are worthless to you.

40A: The statue is made of bronze; its robe is carved with strange markings along the hem and cuffs. The statue stands flat against the wall, and you detect that it is trapped to go off should anyone pass in front of it. You may attempt to pass by it (40B) or retreat and look for another way past this point.
40B: As you walk pass the statue, a magic missile shoots out of its right palm and strikes you. Take 3 points of damage and you may pass on.

41A: This mummy is the remains of the last of the great minotaur priests, ready to punish anyone who disturbs the sleep of his ancestors. He will follow if you flee. Go to Combat Entry C14. If you defeat the mummy, go to 41B.
41B: Much treasure lies within this room, relics of the great days of the minotaur-priests of Vacros: 6000pp, 14 1000gp gems, and 10 pieces of jewelry worth 1200gp each. You also find a labeled AMULET VS CRYSTAL BALL AND ESP and a SHIELD +2, as well as an unlabeled scroll. Should you at any time read the scroll, go to 41C.
41C: CURSE! Lose one level immediately! First level characters are slain.

43A: You stand in the opening of the cavern and see the beach below. You have found an unguarded exit to the Maze of Kiranjo. If the princess is with you, go to 43B. Otherwise go to 43C.
43B: You and the princess climb down from the hills to the hidden cove where Ahmadi keeps the boat. The old boatman smiles and begins to ready his craft for the voyage. He raises a white sail as a sign of your victory. You have defeated the riddling minotaurs, and now comes the time of feasts, of songs of your power, and of the reward promised by the king.
43C: You look down from the cavern�s mouth to see the beach and the sea. The words of King Trueon ring in your ear, �Return with the princess or return not at all.� With a shrug, you return to the trap-door and climb down again into the maze, knowing now that when you find the princess, you have a sure way of escape.

44A: The statue is not trapped. You remove the gems from their sockets. They are worth 300gp each.

45A: The vial contains a potion of speed. Move and attack at twice normal speed for 4 turns.

49A: The water is no more than a few inches deep. To pass around it go to 49B.
49B: You get around the pool and may pass on.
49C: You dash around the pool and may pass on.

50: Answer: The Sun

52A: The body of a dead rat floats in the crystal green water of this pool. If you still choose to drink, go to 52C. Otherwise leave by any path available.
52B: The water in this fountain is clear and cool, but it smells bitter. If you choose to drink, go to 52C. Otherwise leave by any passage available.
52C: The water of this fountain is poisonous! Save vs. Poison or take 10 points of damage!

54: Answer: A river or stream

56A: Trap! Take 5 points of damage from an electrical trap in the chest. Ignore this if you have made a successful find traps roll or if you are protected by a FIND TRAPS spell. The chest is empty.

58A: You wait for a moment and hear another noise besides the sobbing: a low hissing of snakes. You may investigate (58B), or return the way you came.
58B: As you approach, the bed curtains part and you see the horrid face of a medusa (AC 8, HD 4, hp 24, MV 90[30], #AT 1 + special, D 1-6+poison, Save F4, ML 8, AL C). Save vs. Turn to Stone. If you fail, you are turned to stone and join the other broken statues at the base of the stairs: go to 128. If you make your saving throw, go to 58C.
58C: The medusa attacks. It will follow you until it is defeated, attacking with its serpents. Go to Combat Entry C19. Should you defeat the medusa, go to 58D.
58D: The iron door is bolted: you cannot get past it. A small coffer filled with 100 50gp gems lies beneath the bed.

62A: The statue is carved of amber but otherwise seems to be normal. You may pass by it (62B) or retreat.
62B: You pass by the statue.

63: Answer: A Bat

65A: The Statue is made of terra cotta and does not seem to be trapped. If you remove the statue, go to 65B.
65B: You remove the statue and notice it is hollow. Inside is a scroll. Should you at any time decide to read the scroll, go to 65C. Otherwise take this scroll and return up the passage.

66: Answer: A Bee

67A: If you saved vs. Spells you are safe from the Harpy�s charm. Otherwise you are enchanted by its beautiful song and gladly march off to your doom: go to 128. Only one harpy is in this tower (AC 7, HD 3, MV 60[20] � fly 150[50], #AT 3, D 1-4/1-4/1-6, Save F3, ML 7, AL C). She will not pursue you into the maze. Go to Combat Entry C23. If you defeat the harpy, go to 67B.
67B: You are in the hollow interior of a decaying tower. The tower entrances and windows have been sealed with recent stonework. The nearest window is 40� up the sheer, rain-slick walls. You realize that this entrance to the maze is not one a single person can use. Dark shapes wheel above the tower; more harpies coming in to roost. You run back to the trap door, slamming and bolting it behind you. Return to encounter 57.

70A: As you investigate the pool, a long snakelike arm comes out and attacks you. Go to 70D.
70B: If your character can move silently, uncover a box in the detect traps section, using the number as a �move silently� roll. If your character cannot move silently, or if you fail to do so, you are caught halfway across by a long snakelike arm that attacks from the pool. Go to 70D.
70C: You run past the pool. Looking back, you see a long snakelike arm rising out of the water.
70D: The monster is a giant octopus, (AC 7, HD 8, hp 41, MV 90[30], #AT 1, D 1-3, Save F4, ML 7, AL N). It will use only one arm (all it can fit through the opening below). Go to Combat Entry C24.

71A: The skeleton is holding a statuette of a praying minotaur made of solid gold, worth 1000gp in Cathos City. You may take the statue (71C), replace it in the bronze shrine (71B), or leave the statue with the skeleton and go on.
71B: Consider yourself blessed by the ancient god of your enemies for a good service. Gain +1 to hit in your next combat encounter.
71C: You have the statue and may leave the way you entered.

72A: You feel refreshed by the cold water, but nothing else. Go to 72B.
72B: Nothing prevents you from leaving.

74A: The sword is of Cathos City manufacture. It may have belonged to a previous champion. It has been snapped cleanly in two by some mighty creature � perhaps a giant.

75: Answer: Ice

77A: As you approach, the statue takes wing and swoops down on you. You notice a long chain unwinding between the gargoyle�s leg and the top of the pillar. The gargoyle (AC 5, HD 4, hp 14, MV 90[30], #AT 4, D 1-3/1-3/1-6/1-4, Save F8, ML 11, AL C) will block your way through this area, but it cannot pursue if you retreat. Go to Combat Entry C27 for battle.

78A: Approaching the chalice, you notice it is not of very good workmanship and that its gems are pasted glass. The chalice rests on a treadle that runs beneath the floor itself. There is no way to remove the cup without setting off the trap. Take the cup (78B) or return the way you came.
78B: Trap! As you remove the chalice, the floor opens up beneath you, dumping you into a water-lined pit. You take 2 points of damage and notice that there are several other bodies in the pit, all in various states of decay. You may climb out of the pit and return to the west.

80A: As you approach you notice that the gem-like eye of the cyclops is a hole into the molten core of this living rock statue. It comes to life and attacks. Go to 80C.
80B: You take 6 points of damage from the statue as a jet of hot magma shoots out of its central eye. Go to 80C.
80C: The cyclops is a living rock statue (AC 4, HD 5, hp 35, MV 60[20], #AT 1, D 2-12, Save F5, ML 11, AL C) that can shoot magma through its central eye once per round. It will pursue those who flee. Go to Combat Entry C28 to resolve combat.

82A: Though the fungus is of many strange shapes and colors, it is not harmful. You may pass through without trouble.

83A: The creature atop the pillar makes no attempt to stop you as you enter the room. It is merely a statue that has several MAGIC MOUTH spells cast upon it.

84A: The statue is hollow and empty.
84B: You pass by without trouble.

85: Answer: A Chair
85A: The creature shatters into a thousand tiny fragments of black stone, leaving only its armor behind. The armor has no iron in it, but is of solid, thinly pounded copper, worth 100 gp in its rough form.

88A: Make a saving throw vs. Spells. If you save, go to 88C. If you fail, go to 88B.
88B: You panic and flee the chamber in terror, not stopping until you reach the corner two spaces to the north. You may not enter this room again.
88C: You get a grim feeling of danger, but little else. The chamber is empty except for the statue and a small gem worth 100gp, apparently left by someone who dropped it.

89A: This water is very bitter. It will not harm you, but it is undrinkable. Leave by the exit of your choice.

90A: You get a free round on the creature. You may strike to subdue (90C) or to kill (90D).
90B: Each time you try to take some treasure from the pile, use a square from the detect traps section. If your pick pockets score is more than this number, you succeed. If you fail, go to 90D. Reveal one box below per attempt.
1st attempt: 20cp and a 100gp gem.
2nd attempt: 30cp and a 50gp gem.
3rd attempt: 10 cp and a 100gp gem.
4th attempt: the pile of treasure shifts and the creature awakens. Go to 90D.
90C: The small creature squirms out of the way of your attack at the last moment, and rises on thin bat-wings to attack. Go to 90D.
90D: You have awakened the creature, a pocket dragon (AC 3, HD 3, hp 18, MV 90[30] � fly 120[40], #AT 1, D 1-3+venom, Save MU 3, ML 8, AL N). It attacks with its bite, and seems to have no breath weapon. Each time you are bitten by the pocket dragon, save vs. Poison or be �2 on �to hit� and saving throw rolls until you are cured. You must save each time the dragon bites you, until you fail a saving throw. Go to Combat Entry C31. If you defeat the pocket dragon, go to 90F.
90F: A total of 4000cp, and 6 gems (three worth 100gp and 2 worth 50gp) are scattered on the pile. You also find some broken glass and a bag of marbles.

91A: Go to 91B.
91B: You pass without any problems.

94A: The water is cool and refreshing, but has no healing properties. Choose another option.
94B: The flasks are marked in the ancient runes of the original minotaur priests of Vacros. You have two flasks of holy water.

95: Answer: Fire

96A: The bell resounds with a low booming noise that vibrates through the entire complex. Nothing happens for a moment, but as you turn you see two minotaur-like zombies blocking the entrance (AC 5, HD 3, hp 10, 15, MV 120[40], #AT 1, D 1-8, Save F1, ML 12, AL C). You have rung an ancient dinner-bell, which they have answered. T hey regard you as the main course. Go to Combat Entry C33.

103A: The water is cool and refreshing, and you notice a small gold ring set with a green stone in the pool. It should fetch some 300gp back in Cathos City.

104A: The minotaur has an equally glaring face on the other side of the statue, but nothing else of note.
104B: You pass by the minotaur statue, but as you move down the hall, you cannot shake the feeling you are being watched.

105A: You take 6 points of damage from a contact poison in the gas. Continue on.
105B: Go to 105A.

106A: The chest is unlocked. You hear nothing within. You may choose to open the chest (go to 106B) or go on.
106B: You open the chest and discover it to be filled with silver. A large diamond-backed snake rests atop the pile, holding something shiny in its mouth. You may attack (106C), wait (106D), or close the lid (106E).
106C: You smite the serpent hard, and hear the breaking of glass. The �snake� is only a shed skin on top of the box, bearing a small bottle (now broken) in its mouth. Go to 106F.
106D: You wait, and are not attacked. The �snake� is only a shed skin. The bottle in its mouth is labeled �invulnerability�. Go to 106F.
106E: You close the chest successfully. You may leave.
106F: The chest holds 3000sp.

110A: The huge creature is nothing more than the shed and discarded skin of a giant scorpion. You give a deep sigh, then are aware of a chattering noise behind you. You wheel about to see the real giant scorpion (AC 2, HD 4, hp 20, MV 150[50], # AT 3, D 1-10/1-10/1-4+poison, Save F2, ML 11, AL C) advancing on you. The scorpion is near the door, and it will get one free attack as you escape. There are no other exits. Go to Combat Entry C35. If you defeat the creature, go to 110B.
110B: You find nothing within this room. An old exit to the south has been blocked by the priests of the temple.

111A: The yellowish fungus is yellow mold. Attacking it with a torch or sword, or even handling the skeleton roughly, will probably cause the mold to break: Go to 111B if you attempt to move the bodies.
111B: As you search the bodies, you break apart the yellow mold that is covering them. Make a save vs. Poison. If you fail to save go to 128.

112: Answer: A Mountain

114A: You look into the crystal ball and are able to see up to two squares in all directions. Reveal these squares and read the listed entries, but make no decisions as you are not there. If you choose to take the ball, go to 114B.
114B: As you lift the ball from the table, it shatters into a thousand tiny crystals. Leave by either route.

115: Answer: A Tree

117A: If this is your first time drinking from this pool, go to 117B. Otherwise go to 117C.
117B: You are healed 8 points by this magical pool.
117C: You take 3 points of damage from this magical pool.

118A: The gold is the remains of a jeweled helm, still attached to a skeleton lying among the ropes. A noise rises from among the ropes, and you see what killed the helm�s owner; a pack of five rats. You may retreat now, leave the helm, and take no damage. Otherwise you must fight the rat pack (AC 9, hp 1, MV 60[20], #AT 1, D 1-6, Save NM, ML 5, AL N). Go to Combat Entry C40. You must defeat the rat pack to take the helm, which is studded with precious stones and is worth 3000gp.

121A: As you look the statue over, it begins to move. Go to 121C.
121B: As you pass, the statue takes a swing at you, hitting Armor Class 4 or better [they meant worse-Acaeum] for 5 points of damage. Go to 121C.
121C: This is a living crystal statue of a troglodyte (AC 4, HD 3, hp 15, MV 90[30], #AT 2, D 1-6/1-6, Save F3, ML 11, AL L). It will pursue until destroyed. Go to Combat Entry C41.

122A: The statue is hollow and has a small opening beneath it (too small to enter) leading to caves below, from which blows a small breeze that creates the moaning noise.

123A: The lizard-like beast falls to your attack, and the glowing chamber is still and quiet. You may step onto the dais (123B), investigate it (123C), or return the way you came.
123B: You step onto the dais and the room fills with a bright blue glow. The blue glow rises until you are blinded by its brilliance. As the glow begins to fade you realize you are no longer in the room, but three squares to the south. Go to 124.
123C: You throw the troglodyte�s stone axe on the dais. A brilliant blue glow fills the room, forcing you to cover your eyes. When the glow fades, the axe is gone. You may step onto the platform (123B), or return back the way you came.

125A: You come out of the cloud, coughing but unharmed.
125B: You come out of the cloud without damage.

126A: Go to 126B.
126B: The snakes are harmless. You are across the area.

127A: As you approach, the white crocodile (AC 3, HD 6, hp 24, MV 90[30], #AT 1, D 2-16, Save F3, ML 7, AL N) stirs awake and moves towards you. If you decide to fight the crocodile, go to [Combat Entry] C43. Should you win the fight, go to 127B.
127B: The chest is neither locked nor trapped. It contains 2000 loose gp and three gems, each worth 100gp.
Source: https://www.acaeum.com/ddindexes/modpag ... o2txt.html

Does anyone here own the original module? If so, are you able to spot any mistakes or add anything that is missing?

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Re: M1SOLO Invisible Ink Text

Post by Gravesguardian »

Sorry to break the news to you; but, thats for M2Solo: Maze of the Riddling Minatuar(sp?) not M1Solo: Blizzard Pass as the heading claims.

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Re: M1SOLO Invisible Ink Text

Post by Havard »

Gravesguardian wrote:Sorry to break the news to you; but, thats for M2Solo: Maze of the Riddling Minatuar(sp?) not M1Solo: Blizzard Pass as the heading claims.
Ouch! got the numbers mixed up. M2Solo: Maze of the Riddling Minotaur is the one that was just released so that was the one I meant to post.

The text for M1SOLO: Blizzard Pass can be found here: https://www.acaeum.com/ddindexes/modpag ... o1txt.html

Thanks for pointing this out though. I will fix the error in the other posts :)


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Re: M2SOLO Invisible Ink Text

Post by Gravesguardian »

You're welcome & thanks for the link on M1.

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Re: M2SOLO Invisible Ink Text

Post by Robin »

Copy & Paste & Print & Store with the originals...Thanx Havard :ugeek: :lol:

As the invisible ink pen died out after 3 pages already...and the ink itself lost its chemical composition a few decades later....never could finish these adventures....pity :(

i preferred the red plastic viewer principle over invisible ink, but even that was a crime to my eyes and wrist, until I bought me some perfume in a deliciously large translucent red translucent plastic cover...folded out it was almost A4 in size...this made it much...much easier to use... :o :lol:

I have all adventures of Mystara in paper form, :mrgreen: :ugeek: and digital :geek: (yet even digital does not reveal its invisible ink ...smart ass who gave this to me :evil: ). Yes I know...I am a nerd, gamegeek and weird collector/hoarder of D&D stuff. ;) :mrgreen:
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