Sphinxes of Mystara

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Sphinxes of Mystara

Postby Havard » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:10 pm

Sphinxes of Mystara

I have been doing a bit of research on these creatures. Here are some of the things I have found so far:

The Sphinxes were created by Grammaton (According to the fan created Codex Immortalis, another name for Odin) in ancient times. According to other fan material, they were part of the Golden Empire, a pre-Blackmoor realm that opposed the descendants of the Carnifex and were a force for good based on Davania.

In 91 BC, a pair of Sphinxes from Tel-Akbir came to assist the construction of Serraine.

Some known Sphinxes:
  • Son of Grammaton: The first Male Sphinx. A master of Wizardry. (PC2)
  • Daughter of Grammaton: The first female Sphinx. She was a Shaman. (PC2)
  • The Sphinx of Halag (PC2)
  • The Sphinx of Kaziri al-Wadi: The Sphinx Al-Kalim consulted (PC2)
  • Unknown: A Sphinx in Ylaruam who collects ancient Narval bone carvings from Minrothad, though only if they were at least 500 years old. (PC2)
  • Unknown: Two Sphinxes who collect Blackmoor memorabilia. These two assisted the construction of Serraine. (PC2)
  • Unknown: A Sphinx who creates Chessmen (PC2)
  • Unknown: A Sphinx who collects the Wickerwork of an unknown Ethengar craftsman (PC2)
  • Unknown: A Sphinx guarding the tomb of a forgotten Khan (PC2)
  • The Tongue-less Sphinx: A villainous Sphinx from Zyxl. Fan created (http://www.pandius.com/mentzerm.html )

Subraces: Although the names Androsphinx (male) and Gynosphix (female) are not used in BECMI, male and female Sphinxes are noted to have differerent abilities. Other subraces from later editions are assumed not to exist on Mystara.

What else is known about Mystara's Sphinxes? Do Sphinxes appear in any modules set in Mystara? Are Sphinxes related to Shedu, Manticores, Chimeras or similar creatures?


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Re: Sphinxes of Mystara

Postby happylarry » Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:47 pm

There are two sphinxes, a male and female mated pair, in the mini module inside AC7 Master Player Screen (p5-6). They are found reclining on oversize divans, and the write-up is about how they will attack. No particular lore is given.
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Re: Sphinxes of Mystara

Postby ripvanwormer » Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:05 am

M5 Talons of Night featured some sphinxes (page 13).

The entrance to the Temple of the Dawn was once guarded by gargantuan living sphinxes. Ages of inaction have turned them to stone. The female succumbed to full petrification long ago; the male finds his end today.

Do you think all sphinxes turn into stone eventually?

There's also a mated pair of sphinxes, along with their two cubs, in M4 Five Coins For a Kingdom (page 7). The adults are named Demosthenes and Neria.

There's a riddling sphinx in M3 Twilight Calling (page 5).
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Re: Sphinxes of Mystara

Postby Robin » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:04 am

There was an AD&D1 adventure( I can't remember which one, but it could also be an Gencon AD&D1 adventure) which mentioned that Sphinxes grow with age, and are the main enemies of Snakes, Hags, Yuanti(this could well include Havard's suggestion of opposing the carnivex on Mystara), Medusae and other evil petrification enemies, this mainly due their goodness, divineness and their innate ability to resist petrification. it was assumed that they actually paused the petrification, until their life's end is nigh. Yet even then (with the correct magic) their knowledge and riddles can be accessed, as their soul still rests within the stone until eternity. in this condition they mostly guard important centres of knowledge which should not (no longer) be publicly accessible...like the Nithian library in the game Stone Prophet...with the Riddle;there is the I, the eye and the lie. here the area can only be accessed in solving the riddle...it thus suggests also that the sphinx still has some (magic) control about the portal it guards...in this game this was a small descending structure located between its paws, and it was lying catlike over it, shaping the rocks over it.
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