The Radiance: why all the fuss about the Energy drain?

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The Radiance: why all the fuss about the Energy drain?

Post by Flameflicker » Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:29 pm

One thing that always struck me as strange in the premise of Wrath of the Immortals is the notion that use of the Radiance would mean an inevitable drain of the Prime plane's magic. That's definitely not true, and Immortals should know it! The spell Trascend Life Force (from GAZ 3) that allows an experienced Radiance user to become an Immortal, can fail; in particular, it can fail because the caster fails to complete the last ordeal, the duel, in which case the caster's lifeforce is imprisoned in the Nucleus preventing any drain of magic from occurring for 1 year/caster level. Basically, all that the Immortals of Energy have to ensure is that every century 3-4 high-level mages discover and cast Trascend Life Force, and fail at the very last step. The only problem I see is the Star Dragon complaining about his teeth (one tooth per casting is needed)!

And, indeed, this sacrifice practice seems to have been the case throughout the centuries. In AC1000, 50 rad force has already been drained from the prime. This corresponds to no more than 50 years of Radiance use without a life force to fuel the Nucleus -- possibly less, since any year with 6 or more radiance users (as in the case of AC1000) drains 2 or more rad force if the Nucleus lacks a life force to power it. But we know that the Radiance has been discovered as early as 395AC (from the Glantri timeline in GAZ3), i.e. 605 years before AC1000, so almost all the time since then it must have been fueled by imprisoned life force. This is particularly true after the first few years, in which the first discoverer(s) were still struggling to understand its powers and none had yet managed to cast Trascend Life Force.

Then why all the fuss? Well. Perhaps, Rad in his haste has lost a few rads now and then, i.e. has allowed the Nucleus to very occasionally run unfueled by a life force. Nothing has come of it yet, but Ixion worries about the danger (every rad drained is one more step towards annihilation of Energy from the Prime) or perhaps by just more subtle effects that have no in-game mechanical effects but are there nonetheless.

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Re: The Radiance: why all the fuss about the Energy drain?

Post by Mike » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:01 pm

From an immortal point of view, failing in ten thousand years is still significant problem. But you make an interesting point. And if it can be delayed long enough maybe a solution can be found. Possibly those 50 rads were drained in an attempt to "test" various experimental solutions.

Also it strikes me as cynically evil (at best) to "allow" a quota of wizards to fuel it with their life force. But that might also be the solution. If life force can fuel it, can life force recharge it? If a spell can fuel it with wizard life force, could a spell be devised to fuel or recharge it with non-wizard life force? I'm sure there is a steady supply of criminals to be executed, and just one criminal a year would keep it going perpetually.

Lizards are polyphyodonts and thus continuously regrow teeth, with one tooth being replaced every few months. Crocodiles replace all their teeth annually. So maybe its not an issue for the Star Dragon, her lair could be littered with discarded teeth.

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