Cooperative Ilusion Dungeon Adventure Creation

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Cooperative Ilusion Dungeon Adventure Creation

Post by oleck » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:29 pm

Im trying to make an adventure where wierd stuff happend to PCs. Maybe they drink some potions that drugs them and are put in an Dungeon full of ilusions, naked. First of all they think they are full equip (but they arent). So each room must have some illusion puzzle to entrer next one but the thing is to make the players feel dizzy or that they see strange thing. Maybe give choices to divide the party. Play with thier minds.

The only thing is to remember they feel like they where in other place and can see wierd thing like animals talking or that they are flying. Or falling into a pit that isnt there.

The idea is that you post a room with size (30 x30, triangular etc), description of the room , with ilusions, puzzles or task that can be done to open other room. And everything is posible couse is an ilusion dungeon it can be funny, scarry, hopeless, ets. You can put challenges like make them fight wach other or work in small group. But the intention of this dungeon is not to kill players is just to make them feel that someone can play with thier minds and that they are not so strong as they feel. So any death of a pc it will result in lossing concience for a while and maybe loose abilitie points or skills till the adventure is finish.

Any help will be good and if it becomes a good adventure ill post it here so anyone can try it.

And ill give the credit of each room to its creator.

Hope it can interest someone to help me.

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Re: Cooperative Ilusion Dungeon Adventure Creation

Post by Robin » Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:44 pm

i may have some ideas, but my RL gets in the way now..i'll be back on this.
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