Developing The Sea Kingdoms

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Developing The Sea Kingdoms

Postby oleck » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:37 pm

Well trying to develop an old idea of the 90´s I'm starting a project of developing The Sea Kingdoms. I'll start with this map hopping everybody like it and thinking it could be the start of charting that place. It might take time but I have a general idea of what to put on each island. I hope other authors can develop other areas and maybe in the future we could unify all in a big map.

Where I have advanced a little more is at Fearbolyt Island. Couse, I'm using some base information of my past work that I was trying to put at Skothar continent. If anyone wants to develop the other islands let me know so we can coordinate in things like trade routes or if there is any conflict, politics between both nations etc. Contact me at if that's the case.

Posting General Idea

Fearbolyt Island

Being the biggest Island will have 2 countries or civilizations

The Black Swamp

Ill develop a nonevil lizardmen civilization as the most powerful in the archipelago. The Black Swamp will contain land and some undersea villages and the lizardmen will mount dinosaurs.

The Amarillo Desert

It is intended to have a nomadic kind of Armadillo humanoid culture.

Decaying Island

The Unforgiving Wastes

Will have a goblinoid kind of civilization or a gnome/dwarven civilization, or a mix of both jeje.

Esmerald island

Here I want to put a Nature civilization that can be elven or faerie etc..

Tremor Island

Here it will be an island filled with monsters with an old strange dungeon (maybe remains of an old blackmoorian Wizard that did experiments in the zone a long time ago. Or an ancient alien base.

Angry Cay

A place infested by undead (kind like Elegy Island). Where the other islands must make tributes to calm the island (A powerful undead) so that the peace continues.
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Re: Developing The Sea Kingdoms

Postby Sturm » Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:43 am

Not much to add now, busy with Threshold magazine, but following with interest :)
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Re: Developing The Sea Kingdoms

Postby oleck » Tue Oct 17, 2017 4:55 am

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